Bugs in investment medal

  • There is a bug in the medal for investing in industries. When I invested in 10 industries, the game awarded that medal to me - but then a few days later it was back up as "open" and showing that I had only invested in two industries. I sent in a support ticket but support has done nothing about it and doesn't respond. I invested again until it went back up to 9, but I held off investing to 10 on purpose so as not to trigger the medal, so support could see that the bug starts taking away investments. In the past few days the number of investments shown has decreased from 9 to 6.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Is it the same medal? There are several in that series.
    Nr. 5: Invest in 5 industries
    Nr. 51: 10
    Nr. 92: 20
    Nr. 121: 40
    Nr. 141: 75
    It doesnt count the number of your investments. It counts the nunber of industries where you invested and the investment or a part of it ist stil there. As industries grow your investments there shrink until nothing ist left. When an industries grows, your investment ist divided by 10. When your investment is smaller than $1.000 it is removed.

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