Rewarding Corporation Members

  • Good morning everyone.

    I was wondering if there is any way of rewarding members / deputies in my Corporation for their outstanding performance?

    Every now and then I want to let the members of my corp know that I appreciate their hard work but other then saying thank you a thousand times I don`t know of any other way of showing appreciation. Is there a way that you can transfer money or gold to another player?

    Or perhaps implement a reward system like an employee of the month thing where the Chair can select the best member every 24hours and that member gets reduced waiting times or a thing where they receive like 5% of the total income of the corp as a whole etc.

    That would make the game and Corporation more fun as teamwork will grow and the Chair would be seen as a better authoritative person.

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  • Never thought about that,but I like the idea.

    Why? .... There are pros and cons. Others will tell us, the cons are: possible misuse and envying ....
    However, what happens now is not really fun and not really team orientated. The forums of towns, regions and assos are - despite all forum rules, game rule and tos rules - full of announcing wrongdoers, denunciating those players who forgot to change schedules or took the majority at one of the stations. Game forums and chats are full of negative comments about actions of others.

    You rarely read something like: "Thank you ManacH for changing your schedules right on time." or "Well done, friends, we did the level up in just 1 hour." .... happens, sometimes, but most often you can read: "Klabbi does not know how to play, look at his trains" or "Klabbauter writes novels but not short and wise forum comments." or "That xyz asso is full of cheaters."

    Rewarding players performance is rarely done, writing nice words would be free, but it's hard work for so many.
    So, giving out rewards would be a way to show respect and appreciation. There should be a way to spread out little rewards to several members rather than to give one big one to one member.
    Some little rewards given out by the chair of the asso might help to reduce flaming and bashing in all forums and chats.

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  • I agree with you.

    When looking at some forums it is just bashing each other for no good reasons at all.

    At this point I feel that as a Chair and Mayor that I don`t have "power" over my followers so to speak. I can only demote and kick people but then my corp suffers as well. There is no way to truly reward or punish players and I believe that aspect will put the Chair and Mayor position in a different light.

    Give them power to create a sense of order and justice for those that have been wronged by others or those that are doing wrong to other.

  • I love the idea, as Klabbauter said.

    As long as the rewards are "small" and given to a group of people, not one individual (as to not be gamebreaking), I would be totally fine with that.

    I can think of, for example : "gift a train series, gift a clothing". I would also not mind an option for the chair to diminish the WT in all association-controlled industries by a set amount for X hours, usable once every week / era / ... The chair could choose when he wants to use it, and the message in the association thread would read something like "the chair thanks all of you for your efforts to the association by diminishing the wait time by Y % for X hours. Enjoy and keep up the great work !", or even a personnalized message changeable by the chair.

    Definitely something to work on and an amazing suggestion ManacH !

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  • I like Sacroima's idea of small rewards that don't unbalance the game to the point it would be abused. Produciton Series and Clothing are nice, but the minor WT reduction in association controlled facilities is a great idea... something minor but rewarding like 5% for 12 hours, and can only be gained by the same player twice per era.

    A great suggestion by ManacH and one I hope they seriously consider. Associations are definitely lacking a reward system for team players.

  • Great idea! Like the other commenters I would love to be able to handout small rewards to a group of people. I try to type encouraging comments but there's a limit to how many different ways you can say ... good level up ... without it becoming boring. It also ends up giving universal praise which annoys those who have noticed that not everyone was acting helpfully. So to be able to give something to those who really did help would be great.

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  • I agree I'd like to reward productive players too. Right now the only stick i have is to kick people, and there is no carrot.

    However i feel like clothing vouchers and engines skins would be too little, they're basically nothing for most players who have played more than a couple of rounds and already have the items they want out of the cosmetics.

    I'm thinking it has to have some kind of impact on the economics or PP somehow directly or indirectly, otherwise it's just gonna be "meh".

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  • on the other hand the owner of the association only choose himself or his friends.

    I think this is a good thing. It will further incentivize people to join/create/maintain healthy associations and cause the poorly managed ones to dwindle in size and eventually die.

  • Good idea.

    It could be both manual: Chair would have a bonus of +10% of income and +5% income, to give for like 24 hours time for example.

    Or it could be automated: after levelling up city or landmark, would show up ranking of who hauled the most, considering that good with one tracks link count half of the goods with 2 tracks link for example. So first place player would gain such bonuse and second and maybe more.

    There are prestige points for this, but those are for each good. There is no Overall Contribution for Levelling Up - OCLU bonus yet, but it would be nice to see who contributes most for levelling up.

    Personally I am for both of course: manual bonus from Chairman and Automate bonus for OCLU