Winter event adjustments

  • Dear players,

    We followed the development of the event closely and we were pleased to see that there are many players who put a lot of dedication and brainpower in this event to figure out the best way to maximize profit, which is exactly what we aimed for. We are also really happy to see a lot of positive feedback and very constructive criticism that we can use for future events.

    However, we were a bit surprised that the efforts of some players exceeded even our wildest expectations and resulted in absurdly high amounts of winter coins. Don’t worry, we do not intend to take those hard-earned coins away from you, but today we had to adjust the gold gains in this event accordingly to make sure the event can continue. As compensation we increased the amount of diamonds and lottery tickets you can earn in the event.

    We want to make very clear that this was our own mistake and that the players who found and used smart methods to play this event did nothing wrong. They played the event as it was intended to be played.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this rebalancing might cause and hope that you still enjoy all the other goodies you can earn in this event.

    We will make sure to learn from this and for future events we will not make the mistake to underestimate your ambition and dedication again. But on the bright side, we really like that collaboration and strategic thinking resulted in the most effective method to play this event, which is a characteristic we would like to see again in some future events.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Kind regards,
    Salix (Community Communications Manager) & Loekie