Rail Nation and Flash - added info

  • In a post about Flash, Chrome, and teh the future of Rail Nation on HTML5 - HERE Rail Nation from Flash to HTML5 - @Samisu brings up the latest Chrome browser now requires registry modifications to bypass the prompt for flash plugins on every page load.

    I would like to add to his post that most users will likely have to right click the file and "Run as Administrator" and possibly accept warnings and prompts from Windows User Access Control. These are normal. Also important to note many antivirus programs will block registry modifications like this especially if they are run form the default downloads folder, so if it doesn't work try saving it elsewhere. and lastly Samisu brings up a great point about not trying this at work. Many corporations scan registries as part of their security practices and this will clearly flag you as playing games at work. I know, I am one of those jerks that do the scans and remove your entries with group policy ;-)

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