Forum move to new version WBB5

  • Dear players,

    On 2019 January 7th we are going to update our current forum software to the newest version WBB5. Since this is a complete new installation, we will have to close the forum for 5 days.

    The Forum will be offline between Monday 07.01.2019 until 11.01.2019. This is only applicable for the live forum, the PTR forum already got updated last November.

    Why are we doing this?

    • The current version WBB4 won’t be supported anymore
    • We want to keep up to date with our used software and the security standards
    • The new version will improve the performance of the forums in general

    During the maintenance phase, you will still be able to reach us via Social Media and the HelpCenter.

    Do you have further questions to this topic? Feel free to post your question here on forum. We are looking forward to your feedback.

    Your Rail Nation Team