Videos not playing, or taking 2-3 minutes to start

  • The title says it all! I've reported to support FIVE (5) times now! They just keep blowing me off. Meanwhile, I'm missing bonuses like crazy!!

    This crap has GOT to be fixed!!! YES, I DID clear my cache. Yes, I DID try a different browser. Heck I tried a whole different computer AND wireless network!

    The problem is clearly with Rail Nation's serving of videos.

    If this persists to end of game round, I'll NOT be returning. :cursing:

  • Hi Planedoc, I'm sorry to hear of these video issues.

    Have you picked the video ID numbers from the videos that take too long to start and sent those to support yet? It's the 5 numbers in the top corner of video player.

    Or do the numbers keep rolling (switching to new ones) until a working video appears?

    Could be there's a video or video that doesn't start, and it helps to know the ID.

    You can add the IDs here if you like or send those to support.

  • YES!! I did EXACTLY that and support completely blew me off!! They said not enough people were reporting the issue, so they took NO ACTION WHATSOEVER!

    And No, the numbers don't change - it's the same effected videos over and over.

    Kinda sucks, don't it?? I'm so damn sick of support ignoring issues.

  • I'm sorry to hear you could not get the answer from support you wanted Planedoc

    Support does everything in their power to help players, and is in contact with those who deal with videos. The info you sent to support may very well be forwarded, even if they could not solve the issue for you.

    Let me send you a private message here on forum so we can continue from here.