Videos not playing, or taking 2-3 minutes to start

  • The title says it all! I've reported to support FIVE (5) times now! They just keep blowing me off. Meanwhile, I'm missing bonuses like crazy!!

    This crap has GOT to be fixed!!! YES, I DID clear my cache. Yes, I DID try a different browser. Heck I tried a whole different computer AND wireless network!

    The problem is clearly with Rail Nation's serving of videos.

    If this persists to end of game round, I'll NOT be returning. :cursing:

  • Hi Planedoc, I'm sorry to hear of these video issues.

    Have you picked the video ID numbers from the videos that take too long to start and sent those to support yet? It's the 5 numbers in the top corner of video player.

    Or do the numbers keep rolling (switching to new ones) until a working video appears?

    Could be there's a video or video that doesn't start, and it helps to know the ID.

    You can add the IDs here if you like or send those to support.

  • YES!! I did EXACTLY that and support completely blew me off!! They said not enough people were reporting the issue, so they took NO ACTION WHATSOEVER!

    And No, the numbers don't change - it's the same effected videos over and over.

    Kinda sucks, don't it?? I'm so damn sick of support ignoring issues.

  • I'm sorry to hear you could not get the answer from support you wanted Planedoc

    Support does everything in their power to help players, and is in contact with those who deal with videos. The info you sent to support may very well be forwarded, even if they could not solve the issue for you.

    Let me send you a private message here on forum so we can continue from here.

  • I got vidoe issues too!

    There is two advertising which jinx my game,

    The HP advertising with the black haired woman who swipe the screen, are in conflict either with the game graphic or even blackned my screen, only white graphic like letters and numbers show up and the hole screen is some kind of bilnking to me (well I love to be blicked ad, but not by machines). I can click to get my reward if I know where it is. My only posibilty to get back to normal view is to re-log the game.

    Some time i get a red banner with some text, in the middel of my screen and that's even worse, corse when it does so, the game graphic has changed to large buildings showing all icons in large scale and it looks like crap. I ask me to enanble hardware acceleration, but when i open for the settings it's allready enabled. The re-log doesn't help there, I have to close my browser for several minuts and then strat over from the log in on RN main menu.

    I'm sorry, I can't mark the advertise to get any video ID, corse it doesn't show.

    There is a game advertiment with the same issues descriptions as the second part i descibet. But I can't remember the Game Providers name

    The journey by train is great, but I realy look forward to I can afford some railroad tracks..! ;(

  • I'm sorry to hear of these issues.

    Ad videos are one part of the game, and should run without bigger hick-ups.

    Please contact game support with details you have about the videos and how it affects your gameplay. I hope those non-working videos will be checked and possibly taken down if more than 1 player is experiencing these issues. Vid ID is always the best piece of information - have you tried if playing with different browser helps?

  • No I have not and I can't imagin that two of al videos makes conflict with my browser when all the rest do not.

    Now I,m not a PC nerd, but I think it should not be up players to swap browsers due to new video advertisings. I think RN should make some criteria for the advertisers so they have to convert their file format into a format that does not create these annoying issues as in my case sometimes lose my desire to play the game.

    In my opinion, a game should be entertainment, not troubleshooting work

    The journey by train is great, but I realy look forward to I can afford some railroad tracks..! ;(

  • It would appear that every time you select to play a video, it either totally hangs or takes a long time to start, and I mean a LONG time.

    However... I've found that if you click the play arrow in the middle of the advert screen then it will select an advert to play

    Not the answer I know,,, But a workaround until Devs get it sorted

  • YES!! I did EXACTLY that and support completely blew me off!! They said not enough people were reporting the issue, so they took NO ACTION WHATSOEVER!

    I hear you there Planedoc.

    I didn't send in a ticket about the videos because I'm so fed up at being fobbed off that I just couldn't be bothered.

    Please take note RN staff - silence doesn't necessarily mean that everything is hunky dory. Sometimes it means that people have got too fed up with being ignored to bother sending in a ticket.

  • ive been having probs with 20456 for years. when tower bridge express restarted they were working fine.

    But then when the servers were down for half a day they stopped working again when i finanly got back into the game.

    Thats the only bonus vid i ever get and it doesnt play. funny thing is at server restart that vid was working along with all the others.

    Ive tried other browsers but only firefox loads the game the others just crash.

  • Does anyone bother watching these videos any more? I have stopped bothering now as they hardly ever work right anyway. Who at RN is responsible for uploading and checking these things? Surely it should be so simple a child could do it? Or maybe a trained chimp? Well, whoever it is should probably seek a new job as this one is too difficult for him/her.

  • The videos are coming from another source (Google, perhaps other sources as well) based on location for example. Game has ad spots for these videos.

    Videos that introduce other games (videos that come from us) will play just fine.

    Videos that aren't playing, can be ads that should be removed from the playlist - which is why we need the video ID to know what to do with it.

    @A Thicko if you are unable to watch almost any videos at all, we are sorry for this. If you want to help us out, please contact game support and let them know the video ID numbers shown at the top corner in videos that do not play.

    You can also list the numbers here if that is easier for you. Thank you for the feedback btw!