Videos not playing, or taking 2-3 minutes to start

  • Remind me again how many months before Flash goes?

    I tried to bite my lip from also commenting that other apps and programs stopped using Flash for a few years now and that we have had at least two big rewrites of RN in this time period but the issue of replacing Flash wasn't addressed. I did try to bite my lip about this comment, but I failed, sorry... :D

  • 6 months and we won't need that long. And in the context of stopping to use Flash because it's deactivated, "a few years" is a bit of an overstatement, given that the announcement about happened less than 2 years ago. We, like most others, started working on alternatives right after that, so it's not correct to say we didn't address it. We did. We are just not finished yet, exacly like many other more complex browser games.

    PS: No need to get your lips all bloody. Constructive criticism is always welcome.



  • So many movies don't run, or hang and you're waiting 10s to then reload.

    Only to be right at the start of a mind-numbingly long movie.

    If we've already been stalled for 10s before we can even hit reload, why can't we have 10s taken off the movie that we then get?

    It's bad enough having to keep one eye on the movie and do another click to start another one, even worse that we have to sit through that in full as well.

  • So we've got another 6 months of the movies not working, is that it?

    Nope. Like I said, we won't need those 6 months. There is no specific ETA yet, but definitely not 6 months. Until then, the best way to deal with the problem is if you report those videos here in the forum. We need the little number that is displayed on the top left, the browser you are using and we need to know which device (i.e. computer or mobile).

    The process around this is that we forward those videos to the right people in the company and they check how many players are affected and if it's many, they either remove the video or they talk to our partners in those cases where that makes more sense.

    As a very active video watchter, trust me, I know how annoying this is. I'm really looking forward to HTML5, which will make things a lot easier.