Landmark Prestige balance

  • so i just had a very negative experiance regarding the Landmark prestige output system

    as my city was piled up by this spanish team the cost of the level 3 landmark was 170.000 tonnes of each

    as they all deleted pretty much next day as they saw we was behind ( rank 8 region )

    we was 3 guys that had to haul this amount... this ended up paying off 216 prestige for my rank 1st each RG

    so whats the problem

    my neighbor city of 9 active players vs the 3.. had to haul 43.000 tonnes at level 3 and got same Prestige then they did aprox 70.000 tonnes level 4 and got alot more while we where stuck on a long level..

    if only this looong level gave prestige according to you added amount tonnage it would not be such a negative experiance to get a broken landmark by random adds

    i understand completely the city system of higher and lower prestige according to member count.. but the PP in the land mark tonnage is much unbalnaced by random adds leaving fast