Player's in-game notes

  • When playing on few servers, it's easy to forget 'what I wanted to do here'.
    So easy solution would be to have some in-game notepad, which would pop-up or just be available when being logged in.

    For example I want to keep money for some investment, but I don't have it now and I log out. After I came back sometimes I forget what I wanted to do, and such notes would be useful reminder.

  • I like this, it would make a great widget for the PC version. And if the Sitters could have READ access to it, it would help as well.... I may not always know its going to be 13 hours before my next logon...and when i do log in find that my sitter was just here (trying to be a good Samaritan) and burnt my research points on the wrong item or wasted my cash by repairing all the engines i was planning to sell