Pre-registration problems

  • We're a well-established team of players who have played together for some time now.

    We've just finished our first round on one of the EU servers and one of our core associations has been unable to pre-register in the same region as the rest of the team. We played in the same region last round, so why can't they pre-register for one of the cities they were in then? Or even any city in the region?

    We've four associations in our team, why isn't there room for them in a 5 city region?

    Support just say this is pre-registration balancing and there's nothing they can do to help. For a team of players who like to play together and have done so for some time now, this isn't a solution.

    This is not a good time of year to say "there's no room at the inn"...

  • Quickly responding, I'm running late. :)

    In low populated servers (basically everything except .de and russia I think), there is room for 4 associations per region for pre-registration, and that's already too much, because there are at most 20 associations pre-registering.

    20 associations, 10 regions. Quick maths.

    So, while I know it might be frustrating for you guys to not be able to preregister the 4 associations in the region of your choice, I'm sur you can find 1 of the 10 regions that is empty still, so that you all can fit in it (e.g East, since it's a crappy region no sane person would pre-register into).

    What happened is : somebody else already pre-registered into your region, not from your group of 4.

  • thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciate it. Happy New Year!

    I'm not sure why you think suggesting we move to an area that no one wants to be in is an acceptable solution.

    3 of our 4 associations are in the South, the 4th association can't get in there.

    clearly this is a problem. players won't want to come back if they're going to be told the only option is to go to Siberia.

    they can't even leave their association to come to one of the other 3 associations.

    there's a problem here....

  • Happy new year too !

    Well, the thing is, there already is a 4th association in the South. The perspective you should take is : why would it be acceptable for a region to have 5 associations pre-registered, when all the others won't have more than 2 ? You realise you would be 100 active players, out of the 500 to 700 the server has ?(not sure which server you play in, so not sure about the number of active players you have in it, but I think it's around that number for most servers EDIT : nevermind, realised you stated you play in COM 202).

    I personally am very grateful for this limit that allows me to have a shot at winning a round with my region, whitout just joining the best group of assocations, but by having my strong association, and then building relationships during the game in the region I happen to be.

    You can also wait and hope that enough associations pre-register in all regions, so that South gets opened again for a 5th team to join. Or you could try all the regions you deem acceptable 1 by 1. But for that, you need to have the 4 association chairmen trying at the same time.

    I don't know about you, but I sure won't play anymore if I'm told the only way to win is join the winners in their new region, because they have 50% of the server with them. That's why I don't play classic in the first place. And that's what would happen if there is no limit to the pre-registrations. As to the limit number, if 5 is now acceptable, why wouldn't 6 be ? and then 7 ? and so on. You need to have a limit, RN chose 4, I think it's too much already for most servers and would love a flexible limit implemented.

    What could be an idea is a grouped pre-registration maybe ? You state to the system that you are 4 associations (the 4 chairmen should do that), and then it gives you all the available regions with 4 slots empty ? That way, you don't end up with 1 association left behind, and none of the issues I raised happen. It's basically what people do anyway, when the 4 associations pre-register in the first 2 minutes of EG.

    Yep, it's a shame the associations that are closed down at the beginning of EG aren't opened again after the end, for this reason and others (people that want to change association and so on). Right now, since it's so expensive to start a new association, you just stick with the old one, even if you are not fully dedicated to it anymore.

  • There is one last thing you can try to save the day. Don't activate your pre-registration until the players of your fourth association were able to register when the new round starts. That will probably only work for 5 to 10 players of the forth association though. If they are quick enough after the server start.

    One tip for the next time. Only one player from each association should use the pre-registration until all associations of your team have a foot in the door. If all associations are preregistered you can give green light to the other players.

  • Also keep in mind that some of the slots in each city are "reserved" for players who are not preregistered.....your fourth association can wait until round start and all hop in whatever they can, form a new corp, donate to HQ, and meet up with the rest of the group ... just as it was before pre-reg was available,

  • Thanks all for your thoughts and suggestions :)

    For me the End Game being over the Christmas holidays was a major contributing factor, then when we did hit a snag, there wasn't any readily available help from Support nor enough time to figure out a work around before the lights went out on the server.

    End result is that one association has half it's members registered in the nearest city in another region (which I think means their points go to the other region for the whole round). The rest are in limbo, hoping to try for empty spots in the Southern region.

    I thought on the classic servers players were free to move around once the EG was over, if that had happened we could have got some into the other associations.

    Regardless how it happened, this isn't a satisfactory state of affairs and there was a distinct lack of help at the time.

  • Happy new year all!

    Some interesting thoughts there @sacroima.

    I agree that the regions need to be balanced, however since com202 had ~3500 registered users 100-150 pre-registrations in a region is not an unreasonable number. The problem we have here is that by the time we realised there was a problem it would have been impossible to change to another region without displacing players who missed the message to change city, so we took the least worst option and split the team half to the nearest city outside the region (which arguably is worse for competition) and half to wait until they can sign in from scratch.

    What would help reduce the blow is if a player could change region ONCE during the game, and under certain circumstances (e.g. must be connected to all cities in the new region, must be done before the start of era 6) so that it isn't open to abuse.

    The other bit that doesn't feel right is that both classic servers I have played on in recent times (1500-3000 registered accounts), it has been perfectly ok to pre-register 2 associations in a city. From what you suggest, it is not ok to register more than 1 in a city (i.e. 4 per region, or less than 1 per city on average) on a SoE server.

  • The limits they set up (from what I've seen so far), are :
    - 4associations per region
    - 2associations per city

    until some point ? (maybe once every region has 2 associations, then it's opened up for a 5th).
    Also, all regions need to have 80?% (around that mark, maybe 90, haven't really done the maths) of the players of the first region, for the first region to be opened to registrations during the actual game.

    I went to check on COM 201 Big Ben. RN say 2900, there are way less in practice (most regions 85 to 90). 5 associations means 125 players. How is it fair to the others, that have to play with 80 players ? It is not.

    changing region during the game still would not be okay, because if everybody chose the same region to change into during the game, there is still no fair competition.
    Well, actually, there still isn't with how you are playing, because you basically regroup 2 regions into 1, which destroys the actual goal of the SoE server (playing for your region).

    Yeah, we never will be in agreement, because you want to play with your friends over everything, even game sense, and I despise these groups that regroup 50% of the server in one city/region.

    Your move of "starting in another region to "sabotage"", IMO, is the worst. Especially when done on purpose. I could understand 2 regions teaming up during the game to beat a mega-region such as the one you are creating, but doing it from the start ? It's unfair, ridiculous, and typically what would get me to leave the game, should that happen to my server.

    Well done for your server win, hope you enjoy it. Wasn't too difficult ? I'll let you tell me in 3 months. Should be fairly easy by the looks of it. That, the free-win from the start, is what is killing RN. And it happens on more and more servers.

  • We're all entitled to express an opinion and thank goodness the game allows for different styles of play, that's part of what makes it fun. As does playing with our team. :)

    The goal of "playing for your region" in SoE is exactly what we want to do, but the game prevents us, how is this fair?

    The members who pre-registered in the nearest city to our region did so as the only way they can hope to rejoin us during the round. They've got Super Starter Packs so deleting and restarting won't be an option either. There was limited time to reach everyone about the options because of the holidays and very limited responses from Support, we did the best we could under the circumstances.

    They're in that city with a view to rejoining us as soon as they can, there's no sabotage agenda. That city was empty as I do know that the previous residents have moved to a different place this round.

    This is a competitive server, which is part of the fun. We had approaches from one of the other big associations asking to join us and politely declined because it would destroy the competition. We've built our team up over time, been the underdogs plenty of times; it's thanks to the loyalty of our members has brought our team success.

    In the coming round, we'll be up against several established teams on this server who will be set up in the same region from the start. The last round was truly competitive at every stage of the game, the End Game was really close, we were only one good ahead of the team who were 2nd in the End Game. Looking forward to another good competitive round next round :)