Servers starting 8th-11th of January: M1-201, US-101, COM-202, TR-2

  • Hello players,

    we have 4 servers restarting between 8th and 11th of January, and here are the details:

    SoE scenario M1.201 Scandinavia
    Start: 08.01.2019, at 13:00 UTC

    USA scenario US-101 Golden Gate
    Start: 10.01.2019, at 13:00 UTC

    SoE scenario COM-202 Loch Ness
    Start: 11.01.2019, at 13:00 UTC

    Classic scenario TR-2 Ateşleme Ocağı
    Start: 11.01.2019, at 13:00 UTC

    Welcome to join the fascinating world of Rail Nation!