Your favourite landmark strategically ?

  • Hey,

    Something I've been wondering right now, preparing for my team's next round, and thought you could have some preferences. What is your favourite landmark and why, (in terms of optimisation, rather than holiday vacations or design). Nevertheless, you can still tell us about which one is the prettiest to you, even if I don't really care ;)(definitely a post you could do Samisu, if not already existing ;) )

    In my opinion : I love Vienna's giant wheel. Pretty well placed, with coal and grain 1 track, iron, iron ore and cows 2 tracks, cotton at only 3 tracks, and then for later on leather at 1 track. Flour close by. Meat and paper well positionned for cash. Hardware also being an option. And, well, having Zagreb in the region for the EG is just too good as well.

    But well, what about your opinion ?

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  • I truly hate Cardiff Castle, it's placed exactly where the trains queue and when you have pax running it's impossible to click, when I played Cardiff I ended up taking the habit of clicking the city and then switching to the landmark in the interface.

    Don't really have a favourite.

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  • As long as an important good like iron is not directly next to it (hmpf berlin) and it's only 2 tracks rather than 3 from the city (for pax reasons) it basically don't matter much.

    Now excuse me, I've got a train line to run!