US101 - Golden Gate

  • I have to say that I was a little more than surprise to finally get onto the forum and not see a peep about the restart for GG. We had pregistered with 25 members and selected Little Rock. The game starts, LR is full, I get pointed to Seattle (for gold), and I'm not in a corp. I finally just deleted my avatar, writing that server off.

    I suppose I'm lucky though, with over 60 rounds completed, that's the first time I've encountered a server so hosed.

    Is there any word on the status of this one? Can this be prevented? If it does happen again, can it just be restarted?

  • Hi Ron!

    US101 had a frustrating start, some players had a hard time joining the server and pre-registration did not work.

    The pre-registration information was lost (restarting would not help), but all players received 10 HQ donation tickets to help rebuild their corp. Support is always open for players to get further answers and service if needed.

    Server is running as it should now, and we found the reason why these issues happened. For future rounds, there will be time to double check everything works before restarting a server, and systems to prevent these inconvenient and frustrating starts from happening.

  • Thanks for the feedback Samisu.

    The last time I logged in to US101, I did see that the old corporations were still in tact, but only had 1 of the original players - at least that's how ours was. I think they had to wait the 3 days and then everyone was able to apply and get back in. I just got stuck half way across the map, so deletion seemed to be the best option at the time.

    Were I to join later today or tomorrow (whenever my avatar deletion is final), there should be no reason that I cannot join my old team then, yes? Knowing that the old corp already had a capacity of 24 or 25, donating to the HQ would not be an issue at all then - one typically gets an HQ voucher via the tutorial.