Regional Bonus on USA Server Express

  • Hello dear Staff and members, i have a problem with Regional Bonus on USA Express Servers, how it is calculated?

    It's not the Prestige Points gained in city multiplyed by the number of cities fliped by my Faction.

    Because: today our faction won the day, and fliped 4 cities, wich means that i should've received 4*1154 = 4616 prestige points, instead i received 3399 prestige points

    My teammate, received 5842 PP, and had 1628pp from cities.

    Can we get some help, to better calculate this Regional Bonus?

    Thank's in advance for everyone who is going to answer and helps me.

  • I have no idea, since I don't play USA. But an educated guess I have : the deliveries you made to the 4 cities in question x4 ? and normal for the rest ?

    You could check the prestige console (click on your prestige, then you have another tab at the bottom) and look at the detailed prestige gain, to try and figure it out also. In case nobody can answer you directly with a precise explanation. ;)

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  • Hi Darth :)

    This is what I found from the game (tap E vs W icon for Help):

    'The faction gives you, the player, a number of benefits. you receive a prestige bonus of 10% for supplying cities that are under the control of your faction. If a faction captures a city, all members will receive a prestige bonus of 100% per captured city for supplying any city (regardless of who controls the city; there is no bonus for megacity deliveries) on that day.'

    'A city is captured when the conquering faction has brought more required goods to a city on one day than the controlling faction. The tally is cleared once daily, setting the delivery amount of the day back to 0.'

    Based on this, all members of your faction - in case you captured 4 cities before the tally is cleared - will get a 400% bonus for supplying any city. Be sure to count only the prestige you got from RGs, and compare those with your friend. Did city level-ups affect your prestige points?

  • There is something more then prestige points from transport to cities multiplied with the number of fliped cities

    My teammate has 1168 PP from Cities, and he received 5252 PP Regional Bonus

    The number of fliped cities was 4, that means 4x1168= 4672PP

    There is a huge diference from my Regional Bonus and her, especialy when my PP from cities was 1154pp.

    That means she has 14pp more then me, but received 1853PP more then me in Regional Bonus

  • Not something wrong, because this inconsistency is with all my teammates.

    Maybe it has something with the level of the cities where we hauled.

    Maybe your tehnical team can shed some light on how this Regional Bonus is calculated?

  • What if some players have found their winning formula and others will need to keep searching?

    Take it as part of the game, learning best ways to bring in prestige and use those tactics to win the round 8)

    You can also try asking around if other players are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you.

  • Darth

    I have walked you through the sequence of calculations and where the various bonuses go to which buckets on World Chat in US:Broadway.

    The missing element is something that is described in the Help link on the Factions page inside the game.

    As far as your point that everyone needs to know, its like anything else in the game, those who want to know will seek out the information like you are now, others will happily continue to play in ignorant bliss.

  • Perhaps they refuse give a straight answer because they themselves don't know. Wow. That is bad. I believe you just got the runaround. Don't ask a RN guru, instead "perhaps other players will be willing to share their knowledge and experience with you".

  • I want this information same as you because i now also play America express server.

    this is not the same as japanese, german and russia server that I always play.

    the game staff must explain better to us!

  • Welcome to join the USA scenario!

    All three scenarios (soon 4) have their own unique features.

    USA scenarios have the East-West duel and you can tap on the East-West icon (menu on the right) to learn more. This will open a map and give a bigger view of everything. On the left, you will find bars with red & blue, and below this a link for 'Help'

    Tap the 'Help' link to learn more details on how the duel works.

    If there is something critical missing, please let me know. The information should be there though.

  • I don't know anything about East vs West, but I can confirm that, for Steam over Europe, every single information is present in the help link mentionned by Samisu, and correctly displayed.

    Apparently jvoodoochild already told you how it works in chat, and everything is in the help tab. I can understand it's quite a bit of reading and understanding, but I know from experience that the game worlds are much more active than this forum, and it will be easier for any of you that is wondering about this issue to ask there, or ask one of the top dogs from one of those servers, to explain how it works (I've seen 1 russian team in action that mastered the East vs West scenario and could probably answer any question, but they are not on this forum).

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  • Well I knew if I played this game long enough sooner or later I would agree with something jvoo said. The information is all right there, it is no mystery. It doesn't take long to figure it out if you really want to learn it.

    The player mentioned earlier in this post has been accused of cheating for over 1 round now because she has learned and applied that knowledge on how to work regional bonuses. It is not a bug and she is not exploiting anything, she is playing the game. I think it goes more to the state of the world today, people just want the answer, nobody wants to figure out how to get the answer. If someone has sat down and figured something out within the rules of the game then maybe they are just better than you are and not cheating