Changelog for Update 4.12.0

  • Hello friends of railways!

    From here you will find the changelog for version 4.12.0

    RN2018-2076 Amount of prestige gained for titles is displayed correctly in system messages again.
    RN2018-2120 Members of an association no longer disappear when resizing the association widget.
    RN2018-2487 Markers for filtered industries on the mini-map are shown correctly again.
    RN2018-2748 Worker screen now updates correctly when a new auction starts.
    RN2018-3025 The overlapping of two track construction points has been fixed below Beetham Tower on mobile.
    RN2018-3566 A missing update for tile tooltips has been fixed when changing the language.
    RN2018-3847 Banners have been removed for non-discounted features during a discount.
    RN2018-4087 Name of warehouse or harbour is now displayed correctly in the prestige ticker.
    RN2018-4514 Licence screen in the mobile app now shows all licences correctly.
    RN2018-4538 Station names are now shown completely in the schedule assistant.
    RN2018-4591 Notifications have been fixed when donating for the association HQ as sitter.
    RN2018-4604 The tooltip of city bonuses from city competitions is now scrollable in order to make all entries visible.
    RN2018-4622 Pop-up now correctly shows the name and price for the specific packages.
    RN2018-4625 Full-screen button has been removed from the mobile app.
    RN2018-4687 A bug has been fixed that prevented warehouses from being used in the same schedule on mobile.
    RN2018-4712 The display has been fixed for the train widget if the number of columns is changed.
    RN2018-4718 The functionality of the 'Invite friend' button has been fixed for mobile.
    RN2018-4835 Sitter icons have been moved below the avatar to avoid overlapping with the middle bar.
    RN2018-4850 Errors have been fixed in the schedule assistant for warehouses and harbours.
    RN2018-4873 Landmarks and warehouses can now be selected when the cursor is close to the tooltip.
    RN2018-4987 Prestige icon in the sandbox tutorial now vanishes after floating up.
    RN2018-4994 Help bubbles in the sandbox tutorial now have a margin.
    RN2018-4996 The linear display of clouds has been fixed in the sandbox tutorial.
    RN2018-5116 Investment screen has been fixed for warehouses on mobile.
    RN2018-5163 The 'Select all trains' option has been fixed for schedules with warehouses.
    RN2018-5248 The display of long schedules has been fixed in the schedule assistant.
    RN2018-5259 Zoom behaviour has been corrected when scrolling with the mouse wheel.
    RN2018-5263 Overview screen for the second video no longer displays an incorrect amount.
    RN2018-5319 Overlapping of city levels and the progress bar has been fixed in the passenger screen.
    RN2018-5385 The calculation has been fixed if an association has the maximum number of members when the newbie slot is filled.
    RN2018-5408 Icons in sandbox (city details) are no longer displayed as greyed-out.
    RN2018-5409 Text on the button at the end of the sandbox tutorial is now correctly displayed in every language.
    RN2018-5506 Construction yard no longer overlaps with other buildings at higher levels.
    RN2018-5524 Position of the player container has been fixed in the mayor screen.
    RN2018-5526 The default selected train has been corrected in the 'Buy train' screen to the one furthest in the tech tree.
    RN2018-5529 A broken scroll bar in the museum screen has been exchanged for a drop-down menu.
    RN2018-5536 Adjustments on the 'Secure special bonus' screen have been made so that words aren't cut off randomly and pushed into the next line if they are too long. (This only affected some languages.)
    RN2018-5539 The doubled display of the sidebar has been fixed while watching other players.
    RN2018-5541 The tooltip on the contact who sent a friend request now shows correct text.
    RN2018-5599 A tooltip has been added to the Plus Account icon in the competition pop-up.
    RN2018-5611 Scientist no longer overlaps with the tech tree.
    RN2018-5612 The display of the president's icon has been fixed for supported cities.
    RN2018-5613 Text has been repositioned in the trainspotter screen when the enlarged display mode is activated.
    RN2018-5614 The icon for city competitions is now displayed when the tooltip is minimised.
    RN2018-5616 Links in the prestige overview lead to the correct category rankings again.
    RN2018-5617 The behaviour of map object tooltips has been fixed so they don't close too easily.
    RN2018-5624 The instant reactivation of trains in cool-down has been fixed after switching from the museum.
    RN2018-5630 The possibility of collecting event currency in the 'list view' station has been removed during the event's build-up phase.
    RN2018-5639 The first message in every forum thread now has the same character limit as the following ones.
    RN2018-5650 The position of prices in the 'Buy waggon' screen has been fixed when the enlarged display is active.
    RN2018-5735 The line break for four-digit numbers has been fixed in the winter event ranking.