Automatic Track Changing

  • I would like a feature where when you connect a route to your city that is shorter to the pick up point for your loads, your train or trains will automatically switch to the shortest route after either picking up the load or after dropping it off at the city. The only other way to make it take the shorter route is to delete it and redo it. What do you guys think?

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  • Yeah. It would need game system, every time after new track is builded, if for any trains, using new route is faster or not. It should not use much of servers calculating capacity I guess :)

    Exactly! Maybe an auto refresh of whatever it uses for the trains that "follow" the tracks.

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    To get to 1000 Posts :)

  • So, a feature that lets you keep the same goods but changes the factories based on waiting times and routes - whichever route brings in the most money?

    What happens when the waiting times change so that the old route is suddenly better?

    Or when your association as a team effort wants to grow and use certain factories over others before golden hour or in endgame for example?

    All things considered, I would say this 'refresh of routes' feature could not be automatic. But, as an optional feature it would bring something new to the game for sure: One tap and your engines would change to the routes that bring in most profit. Tap this button once an hour and you're good to go!

    Or perhaps only when the new track is built and it offers the same hauling routes with better profits (at the moment), game would ask 'Do you want to update your route?' - but only as a one time question. After that, it would be the player's responsibility to follow the money.

    Please keep in mind that I have no tech expertise, nor do I know how many players would actually need such feature. Just seemed like a nice topic :D

  • No. Just the tracks themselves. Lets just say that you've just connected Track A to Phoenix from the pick up point of Phoenix South-West and Tracks B and C have yet to be connected. So that means that one of your trains will have to travel through Track D to get to Phoenix. Now let's say that you just connected Tracks B and C. The thing is that the train will still travel through tracks A and D even though there is a shorter route available. The only way to make it take the shorter route and to delete the route and do it again. What i'm suggesting is that to have a feature where once a shorter route is connected, the train will automatically detect it once it gets to either the pickup point witch is Phoenix South-West in this example or the drop off point of Phoenix. Something small but less work on our end. Let me know if you have any questions Samisu.

  • Same destinations for trains. Just system after finishing track, checks if trains of player would get faster to them by using new track or not, if yes, then change their routes to use new tracks. Once only, at moment of new track finished.

  • I've seen my trains take the shorter route once I built it, automatically.

    At first I thought you were suggesting that connecting to new factories would change the route, if that new track made the whole schedule shorter with new stops and all.

    But, if you were talking about just the route, then I believe the trains are already picking the shortest route. I've seen this happen many times myself.

    Let's say there are 2 stops. From wood to boards.

    My track originally goes from city to wood to boards, and then travels back the same route.

    I build a third track that connects the boards straight to the city.

    If the new route is shorter, the trains will go from city to wood to boards to city (4 stops)

    And not city > wood > boards > wood > city (5 stops).

  • I'm not talking about stops, i'm talking about the route the trains take to get to the destination. I've seen where I've just built a shorter route and the trains won't take it unless i delete it and add it again. Unless it's a bug on my end....

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  • Alright, after some testing the engine did not switch to the shorter route, unlike how I remembered it would. :/

    It was still just 2 taps away to change the route, and the game offered the shorter route automatically.

    #1 image
    Choo-choo's 1st stop at Iron Mine
    2nd stop Ironworks

    > Engine returns the same route

    #2 image

    And as the story of choo-choo continues, I started to build a 3rd track.

    #3 image

    3rd track was built and game offered me a shorter route, but I did not accept it.

    Choo-choo continues to travel the old route.

    #4 image

    This time I accepted the route game suggested in 'Edit Schedule' tab
    Happy choo-choo took the new route.

    And so choo-choo lived happily ever after.

    Instead of game offering the new route with a couple of taps / clicks, you want the engine to take the new route automatically. And if my memory serves me, this is how it used to be... Perhaps there's a reason behind this, let's see what I can find out 8):thumbup:

  • please do. i just did the same thing to see if it was just bugged but it's still doing it. I can't see the reason why they removed it. There's not major advantage that i can think of. It would be especially helpful during mega-cities.

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  • If You just want to go to sleep and put some new tracks to be builded before that, what will be finished in like 25 minutes, having 25 cargo trains... You need to wait 25 minutes and then click several times for every 25 engines... that makes game not ergonomical and less enjoyful, more of administrative clicking. Less fun more stress, as its working this way now.

    Better to make sure automatic route updater works as it should :) changing routes for shortest ones between destinations