One of most irritating function on web based version, which is not present in mobile version

  • 1. When You click on messages in web browser version of game it opens some conversation thread BY ITSELF...

    When You click on messages in mobile app, You can choose which thread You want to open and its not openin itself anything.

    2. Its kind of strange, but in mobile app sometimes when clicking to opean a thread, its opened and close immediately by itself (marked as read of course).

    Its irritating X/ cause You should decide what You open and what You close

  • Thank you for bringing this up here on forum!

    Message system and the chat widget are separate features, and it's good to hear of your experiences with these tools.

    If you have more feedback, please contact game support about bugs - or use this thread to give us a more general image of how you use these tools and what is missing. I'm sorry to hear of these issues and I'll be sure to forward all your feedback!

    Based on the comments so far (not just this thread), the browser version has a chat widget that works and also the message system is in good use - but the app version has its issues?

  • Browser version has bug/functionality of opening thread by itself. If I go to forum, it just opens some thread. But it shouldn't work this way.

    In mobile app there's no this bug, as there when I click messages/forums it does not open thread, I can by myself choose which thread to open. This is one issue.


    Second issue with messages is a bug in mobile app. When I click on thread, it sometimes happen to close immidiately, like a 1/4 of a second or something, just pop-up and closes in a part of a second. This issue happens only in mobile app. This is second, separate bug.

  • What Seroslav calls a bug in the web version, I think is actually intentional design if I understand him correctly.... it always opens the first unread message .

    Bug #1 : Android version. Not only does it tend to close opened threads on its on...usually less than a second after opening them as suggested above, but also at longer random intervals which is very frustrating when trying to type a response.

    Bug#2 : Android version. The messages do not actually display. 80-90% of the time when you open a thread, it just shows a white screen, open close, open close, reboot phone, open close open close .. AHA i can finally see the text!.... then bug# 1 strikes and it auto closes itself....insert swearing of choice..:cursing::rolleyes::cursing:X(:/X(:!::!::?::!:

    Because of this I have all but given up on the mobile app, using it only in emergencies to keep from hitting RP and cash limits while traveling.

  • It seems like these mobile versions of these games need "perfect" connection in order to operate correctly. aka, either a strong signal or WiFi connection. I've seen these bugs before on other browser based games that went mobile. I'm sure those things that you guys are referencing to are due to a bad connection. Let me know if i'm wrong.

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