'Somebody collected Your train station bonus' disabled as default

  • This kind of System notification is most spamming of all. And many players dont know that they can disable it.

    What's the effect? They get lots of spam and they read less, know less, teamwork less. More chaos, less fun and cooperation, cause of people getting attitude of "I'm not goint to read all of this'

    I think that those notifications should be disabled as default and if somebody wants and needs them, they can put it on.

  • It is useful currently due to some tutorial bug (I never had this bug myself, but hearing it from other ppl): when someone else collects your bonus before you get through the tutorial you get stuck on the "collect bonus" objective. In that case you can PM the guy who did it so for the next bonus you hav the chance of collecting.

  • I suggest they are not blocked.

    But to appear in a special list. separately.

    And, by default, they are marked as read.

    This will not cause spamming.

    But you can track them if you want.

    (Very rarely someone wants to watch them)

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  • Following the suggestion above: instead of getting system messages, one could display the information similar to the prestige ticker screen. So we get some separate screen listing the collection of bonuses (so who collected what when).

  • Thank you for the feedback!

    How useful is that feature by the way? Seeing someone picked a bonus from your station?

    I would say they are only useful in very rare cases and in those rare cases the player could go in and put them on.

    I always turn them off, it's been a full year since the last time I had an interest in checking them from an association managing standpoint.

    Now excuse me, I've got a train line to run!

  • Seroslav

    Hear Me Roar

    I suggested a overhaul of some of the system generated messages here: Lottery Prize History - system messaging cleanup

    This is just another case where this would be helpful.

  • This feature is most spamming one. And as it shows up in System notices, it makes hard to get important info from System if You dont get to knowledge that You can turn them off.

    I was so happy, when I discovered that I can disable them.

    Maybe add to Tutorial one more quest about un-watch topic option?