Тeam-based Rail Nation

  • I suggest creating a team-based version of the game.

    Where only teams can participate.

    No independent players.

    And the goals and achievements of the game are only teamwork.

    To have teams profiles. Similar to player profiles.

    These team profiles evolve from game play.

    Teams have a level.

    And certain benefits for the team come from developing its level.

    This idea is in the fetus.

    What do you think?

  • Are there imaginative players here?

    Give suggestions :)

    The game as it's must continue to exist.

    This proposal is an addition to the game. Another version of the game.

    Something like other scenarios.

    Where In the center is the team and the team game only!

    Each team has its own profile. This profile is permanent for all servers.

    And playing from round to round, the team profile develops.

    The goal is to ensure that the game has no individual goals, but only a team.

    The goal is to encourage team spirit.

    Additional goals in the game should be developed to encourage team spirit.

    It's the same as now, but it's quite different.

    Here are some options.

    There may be different number variations. This is just one example.

    1. New players

    The teams will have 25 + 5 newbie (room for new players).

    They joining established teams.

    These new players will easily start playing.

    That's why. This version of the game will be more successful for new players.

    2. Scenario example

    Map for 5 teams (1-5 cities) - mini map. Called region.

    Teams play in groups of 5 teams.

    In one region, a maximum of 5 teams can play!

    Something like the regions in Europe.

    All regions have the same map.(under the same conditions).

    But these maps (regions have no connection to each other.)

    Each region is completely independent of others.

    The number of regions is determined by the number of teams.

    (for example if they play 30 teams = 6 regions x 5 teams).

    And these regions compete with each other.

    A map of the region can be changed periodically or in each round. (some cyclicality)

    There may be special maps for various occasions and events.

    3. Developing the team.

    The team will achieve goals.

    And for them the team will receive career points.

    With these career points a career train will be developed for the team (similar to the personal career train).

    This train will be available to all players in the team. (Together with the personal career train).

  • I like the idea. I would add some additional.

    1) I think that firstly it could be tested on island, cities map, but in future put on a new World Map with all continents. This may attract players from other regions, than Europe or USA! :)

    Countries with biggest players potential would need to be included there with their cities on the map, to attract those players to the game.

    2) I wouldn't completely delete personal achievements, but rather would make them something like 3 times weaker, than they are now, so in comparison, teamwork achievements would become 3 times more important. Of course making not possible not to play in a team.

    3-times more individual prestige go for association.

    1/3 of money earned go for association.

    3-times lower individual money and prestige prizes

    3) Another idea would be, like in Clanbase competitions of e-sport, make few ladders, 3 let say. One ladder for teams of 5-9 players, secon 10-18 players and third 19-25 players, so You compete with teams from same ladder and skip to another ladder, when chaning players number. Like weight categories in MMA or box.

    4) You can leave team only, when firstly accepted by other team. Team can also set up automatic acceptance for players with some number of prestige and time of being logged lately, for example: association accept players with minimum of 25500 prestige and logged in latest in last 3 days. All players not accepted by others would be put in some automatic random teams according to their personal stats from nearby. This needs to be worked a bit more, how it would work to prevent too often teams changes.

    5) Mechanism of earning part of money for the team, just as part of prestige is earned for association now. Then each member can propose what to spend money for, and council member have 3 propositions, chair 5 propositions. People vote what to use money for. Those could be like-license bonuses, like-workers bonuses, industry-investments, city-investments (new thing), routes-investment (new thing, like faster tracks, with let say 3 available speed of tracks, available on 2nd era and 4th era, they could add like +20% and +50% of engine speed on the track for example), and more.

    Name could be something like World Rail Corporations (or Corp's)

    Biggest attractors:

    - new, world map

    - different game mechanisms, something new, so new strategies too

    - more of teamwork scenario, less like individualism

    - new game features, like stated in 5)

  • But these maps (regions have no connection to each other.)

    Each region is completely independent of others.

    NO WAY!

    All the other ideas are fine. Or fairly well :)

    But there are several objectives to connect to other territories: sabotage the enemy industries, increase the tonnage in the next level... and most importantly: PP. Prestige hunting is an amazing way to guarantee a better next round for many players.