In-game forum trolls preventing: topics just to post by city council

  • If You put a topic, for example during End Game, about Goods to haul Online and Offline... any troll can come and spam the topic.

    Simple solution would be to enable city council to make topic, where only city council can post things. So they they can post info there, without other trolls to spam there and discuss off-topic stuff.

    Same for in-game association's forum, topics where just deputies can post things.

    Same for regions, topics where just cabinet members can post things.

    Simple. Easy to work. Make in-game communication better.

  • Hi Seroslav

    Thank you for the idea.

    So basically what you need is an option in the in-game message system that let's you set a thread so that only you, or people you invite to the thread, can comment on?

    Any way that players can use to block unwelcome comments from the thread?

    This is an interesting topic for sure, and sounds like a useful feature. If a thread is meant to have nothing but strategic information (no chit chatting), then a way to lock the thread sounds nice.

    How big issue is this, I mean people discussing in threads you create about non-related stuff? Trolling is a completely another thing, and if someone is spamming / flooding threads on purpose, that player should be reported to Support.

  • I believe he wants a thread created by the mayor / member of the council, where an option is set for writing only by the members of the council.

    Pretty sure I saw this suggestion somewhere a while ago with a lot of agreement.

    Would be pretty nice for the mayors to have an easier way of getting the info through to all. And players would know exactly to which topics go, to get the precise information they need, while avoiding all the chit-chatting.

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  • Yes, it might be automated so only council/cabinet members or deputies, could write there, or thread where You choose who can participate.

    Main use would be to have clear channel for communication of 'orders', what to haul, what is strategy, what we do, for example during End Game.

    Often happens that we do set up thread of information of what to haul ON/OFF (online/offline) and some people jump in with discussions, making offtopics and making goal of thread hard to keep, communication gets disturbed and bad emotions happens.

    Chosen mayor/president/council/deputies/cabinet, could inform rest of the plans, strategies and so on, without anyone else interrupting them. Making communication clearer and easier :) easier to teamwork then, with clearer communication.

  • I like the idea of topics in which only appointed players can write about strategy and things like that, but I think there should be a maximum number of topics available for them (maybe 5 or so?).

    1. Chair and Deputies could have their own (few) topics in their Association forum (All scenarios)

    2. Mayor and City Council could have their own (few) topics in their homecity forum (SoE scenarios)

    3. President and Cabinet could have their own (few) topics in their region forum (SoE scenarios)

    4. Chair(s) and Deputies could have their own (few) topics in the forum of the homecity of their associations (USA and Classic scenarios)

    For now we solve this issue by using "read only"-topics ( EG ONLINE GOOD (read only!) ) or ending messages in important topics with "READ ONLY - reactions can be written in topic DISCUSSION" and then we hope for the best.

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  • So basically like private topics that only you and your alliance can see? I would think that would be a good idea. Especially after a "certain someone" complained on one of the topics.



    So basically what you need is an option in the in-game message system that let's you set a thread so that only you, or people you invite to the thread, can comment on?

    nevermind. He beat me to it lol :(

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