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  • Rail Nation - Exotic

    I suggest creating a special version of the game.

    Which to be on 1 international server (with all languages). Only one!

    Prohibited for new players. (newbie - must have at least one finished server in the top 1000)

    Probably ... an express server.

    Registration for it will be similar to the festival.

    There will be 10 groups. And everyone will be able to register. Free!

    Registration can be done with

    1. Pre-registration (you pick a group and get +100 gold). In this case. Depending on the rules of the new server, you will have 2 options: A) Complete freedom to choose your city B) Limited freedom by the selected group option to choose a city.

    2. At random. Where the game puts you (you get +100 gold). In this case. You do not have a choice of city / region. Where the server puts you. Either you have a city choice but not a region choice.

    Random and Exotic

    Randomly. Each time a random / different map of the game will be played.

    Exotic. The rules of each restart will be different and exotic.

    Each time a new challenge!

    Every time. A new and different adventure!

    Examples of exotic rules (There may be a combination of exotic rules.):

    1. A new and exotic map of the game.

    2. Different maximum counts of players in one team. 15,30,40,50 ... (Teams are always created with maximum number)

    3. Only for individual players. No teams. But divided into separate regions. As in Europe.

    4. Only for teams. No individual players. For example. You fall into a random or selected team. And you have to play in it for the rest of the game.

    5. Map Europe. But each region is just one big team. There are only 10 big teams :) As you can not change the region. So you can not change your team.

    6. Different times of recalculation. Instead of every hour. It can be every 2, 3, 4 hours.

    7. Have a new worker auction every 15, 30 or 60 minutes. But you can see only 2 next! No more! And you have a maximum of 1, 2 or 3. Who will choose to keep? But you can not extend the contract (Or limited).

    8. Without a majority. Or with different rules for the majority. For example. For a majority - must have invested at least half of the players in the team.

    9. Different maximum counts on trains in different eras.

    10. New goods. And new chains.

    11. Different counts required goods in the city. (2, 3, 5, 6...)

    12. Required goods in different quantities. (1.5x 2x 2.5x 3x ....)

    13. Map Europe, USA, Classic - No passengers, With passengers. With a greater need for passengers. With less need for passengers.

    14. With / without museum (With passenger trains without a museum)

    15. Map Europe. Without a landmark. With landmark but with different rules: - bigger quantity of goods (2х 3х ... 5х); - More Passengers; - more / less levels of landmark...


    It will be different and fun!

    At the same time, it will serve as a test server. It will test the reaction / joy of the players to different playing conditions. And it can help guide the development of the game.

    Yes, it will be a cross between PTR and a real server. But it is actually a real server. With the purchase of gold, not with a gift. Along with fun here will be tested concepts, not errors.

    But the main goal is diversity and fun.

    With best wishes,


    And what do you think?

    What suggestions do you have?

    Which suggestions do you like the most?

  • 3. No. W/O Groups then all game change, then a city never can win EG

    6. Yes, but for all Round.

    7. Yes, and maybe randomize the time... never know how many time delay for come the next worker, nor how long the next auction will be active. Obviously, when begin all can see the time left ;)

    8. W/O majorities: Never! ;)

    9. YES... and I add: Station Concourse can change máx level by Era:

    Era 1: 3

    Era 2: 5

    Era 3: 8

    Era 4: 13

    Era 5: 21

    Era 6: 34

    As Fibonacci ;)

    (GENERAL SUGGEST: Now max level on Station Concourse is 22... we need more levels: 23 to... ? Increasing a lot of PP and cost, obviously.)

    10. Less Goods. Maybe for a variety of your sever in Express mode only 36 Goods. Maybe.

    10.1 My idea about RG: In each Region and in eachs ERA there're ONE Good exclusive, and OTHER ONE Good inexsitent. So, you need to connect to some of others regions for delivery to your city the RG inexistent... and player from others regions need to conect with yours, for delivery your exclusive Good. BUT Then in the exclusive Good, only the players from the home-region can invest there.

    12. Yes... change in each Round.

    But maybe too:

    12.1 In each Era increase the # of RG

    Era 1: 3.

    Era 2: 4


    Era 6: 8

    12.2 And /or: All RG reset to zero in each level, without repeating RG, the rest of the requested quota comes out randomly. For the current case of 4 RG per level, when city level up, comes a new one RG and three old RGs randomly from zero.

    13. Yes... combined with 12, 12.1 or 12.2: amazing!

    14, 15: No W/O a LM / Port, and Museum. Maybe change rules, but we need both ,)

    Congrats. Amazing ideas ;)


    Hey HRM: Do you read my post about a new server?


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  • Hey HRM: Do you read my post about a new server?


    Nuevo tipo de server

    Translate online... I swear you will like it!

    I like your ideas! I hope they will become reality. Would be fun :)

    (I read the topics only in Russian and English, sometimes in German)