Add "set as FRIENDLY" to Associations in direct selection.

  • By chance I wanted to change a friendly status, and intuitively clicked on an Association "shield" on the map.

    Here I get the options: "get info" & "set as rival".

    Why isn't it possible to set an Asso as FRIENDLY ??????

    this would be the simplest way of doing this. No?

  • Hi Andrea Doria

    The option is there when you click on the shield.

    If you have a friendly association already set within the last 24 hours, you are unable to change the relationships. Same goes for rivals.

    If you want to free a spot and make a new alliance, visit the 'Friends' tab in your own association.

    I hope this helps ^^

  • Do you have a friendly relationship already with another association?

    Please check your association -> Friends tab. If the option to 'Set as friend' is not there, there should be a reason behind it. Most probable reason is, your association already has a friend.