Expand the badge rank of each player

  • I would like to see a badge with more info to it than level of player and the amount of stars gained from best personal rank.

    The way the current badge works, is quite narrow. You see how much prestige the player has got for his career train, and you see personal best rank in a game. Lets expand this badge with info that tells us if the player has won on different scenarios as well. The way to show that could be shown on the train on top of the badge. Lets say the player has won on one map. That means he gets a bronze train. Two different maps (eg USA and Europe) is silver and three is gold. If won on all different maps, it could give a platinum train. The frame around, with the train on top and stars on bottom, could be like it is today, showing the color that matches the level of player.

    To make the badge even more interesting, you could add a feature that shows us a info box of more detailed info when mouse pointer hovers over it. Best personal rank, best rank on different map types, best corporation rank, amount of prestige gained in total etc.

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