• We really need some new clothing to be made available. There hasn't been anything new for years. I keep winning clothing vouchers which i can't use because i own every piece of clothing so they just go to waste.

    Bring in something new, how about doing what you used to do and have special items available during certain events. Like you could have brought in a new birthday hat and party outfit for your birthday event. Easter is coming up so how about something for that. I think the whole avatar could be overhauled really with more options.

  • As developers I would check which kind of clothing are most popular to use, except those got by everobody on start and try to implement something which might be interesting for players, cause its kind of same style of whats most popular. Plus getting things which are different styles, not yet available in game.

    Awkward sets of clothes are one of fun things in game :)

  • And while they are at it, fix the opening game quests so they don't hang up on "Buy a piece of clothing" if you already have bough all the Era 1 stuff....

    Or better yet, add more options like suggested above, but don't limit them to only being purchasable in certain eras....make them all available all the time.