Information in industry: who is hauling there now

  • With our corp members we have been discussing about something like this too. What I have in mind is extending the transport ranking: currently the transports from the current day are visible (that is the tonnage per player since 00:00 GMT), it would be nice if also the tonnage from the this and last hour were visible (that is respectively the tonnage per player since last recalc, and the tonnage per player between the last two recalcs). If one wants to pull it to the max, one could also add the tonnage from this/last consumption in the city.

  • could definitely make life easier.

    I already collect this data on industries of interest for some hours of interest (for example, the 12 goods required by the city during EG, or an industry required after level up, for Golden Hour).

    But if I want this data readily available, I have to collect it beforehand. Definitely would make me gain some time ! Not a top priority for me, but an addition that would be welcomed ;)

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