Europe became boring. Decrease Landmark capacity

  • I suggest to decrese the limit of goods in Landmark. It is really borring to haul 5 days with the same schedule. When city got few players it is easy to level the city but to do the same with a landmark is dull. LM=10 times more stuff insted of 15.

  • I like the idea as a variety!

    It will be an interesting part of

    Rail Nation - Exotic

    It's really boring.

    But this peaceful atmosphere appeals to some players.

    This is one of the differences between this scenario and the others 2.

    I think they made a good decision by reducing the landmark points (Update 4.13 2000 -> 1500)!

    But it will not change the strategy of strong servers.

    All Landmark to Level 15!

    It may be interesting if they increase the landmark to 20-25 levels.

    With reduced points and increased number of levels.

    It will be interesting from a strategic point of view (For strong servers).

    How many levels to do on a landmark?

  • Yes, I see why it could be boring for some players. I also felt very depressed playing on a new Europe server, for fun, where it took like 1 week to level up 1 level, and pay half the fee myself...

    But I can assure you, once you have a big team rolling, it is anything but boring ! It's a race to finish the landmark as quickly as possible, to then level up the city as quickly as possible, and help smaller cities and landmarks in the region, everything in 6 small eras, to get to top 1 region, and good conditions to do the EG.

    To me, the problem comes back to >> not enough players on some cities >>> too many on some others ? >>> change the limit to pre-registration, to be scaled on the amount of ACTIVE players on a server.

    Maybe even force 25members-associations to play on 2 cities of the region at once ? (because when you barely reach 60 active players in a region, how can you justify 25 of them in just one city...)

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    If an active team wants to try new strategies on an E v W scenario (winning EvW agressively), I might be down for it > pm me :)

  • europe scenario is my favorite scenario! i play russian server at europe scenario.

    i wish they did europe scenario here in japanese server.

    i think this is no problem drive the same goods, but i think is best reduce quantity of money needed.

    we always drive the goods very fast, but hard to finish to pay all the fortune that is requested!

  • Reducing the requirements could be a good option. Currently, because of the amount of time it can take to grow the Landmark, it is easy for one or two rogue players to mess up the region's tactics, by growing the city several levels ahead of the LM.