Can't get in game - there are a lot of popups which seem to be the problem

  • I'm having problems getting in game. I get in game and then it hangs. Rinse, repeat... (cache cleared, browser refreshed, PC/tablet rebooted). Still nada.

    Why all the popups as we login? Do we need ANY of them? I did the hardware acceleration thing a long time ago, why do I still see that message?

    I'm sure the new Bavarian S 3/6 production series is nice and all, but not at the expense of not being able to get to move my trains since the last comp I did in game.

    This is beyond frustrating, no use if we can't even get started in the game.

  • Hey everyone,

    that sounds bad. Are you talking about browser or mobile?

    And could I borrow one of your accounts for a second to check if I can log in and possibly get an error messege?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,


  • I managed to get in to game. No pop ups first time but could not apply research points which are maxed out.

    Logged on again and pop ups were back. Can't close pop ups and can't do anything. Game freezes.

  • Cleared browser history and cookies.

    Using Google Chrome browser as its the only one that works properly.

    Opera and Firefox won't play videos.

    The problem is the pop ups.

    Even though I enabled hardware acceleration long ago, I still kept getting the pop up.

    Now there is the new pop up with the "production series" gift that is probably covering the hardware acceleration pop up.

    Clicking the "Accept Gift" button does nothing and clicking the "Close Popup" button freezes game.

    The next button I am going to click is the "Quit game and never return" button !!!!!

  • Please contact game support and ask them for help with closing the pop-ups.

    Does the message show each time you try to start the game, even if you close the pop-up in another browser (Chrome)?

    If you have the app version, can you use that to close the pop-up and then join back to the browser version?

  • The "Tower Bridge (Express)" server no longer has the "Production Series Gift" pop up, but still has the "Hardware Acceleration" pop up (I enabled hardware acceleration long ago but pop up still appears every time I open game).

    The game seems to be working on this server, but still not on the "Classic" servers.

    What does still occur on ALL servers is the occasional "Check Internet Connection" pop up during game play. Sometimes clicking the "Try Again" button works, but most of the times I have to re-load game.

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  • I GIVE UP!!!!!

    Sent 2 messages to support and just got an automated reply to clear history and cache.

    That was the first thing i did even before sending a support message.

    8 hours later and still same crap!!!!!

    Bank has been maxed so there's about $75m in lost game cash.

    Research has been maxed so there's at least 100 research points lost.

    This is where I say good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cant log in as I see this problem with many people and has been going on at least half a day. I spend money on this game but I will no more.

  • We are working on it.

    These unfortunate pop-up issues are known, and it would help a lot if those affected contacted game support.

    Please also mention in the message that you tried clearing cache & cookies, and another browser.

    And do try to use the mobile app version once if you have it installed, as the browser version might work after signing in with app - based on feedback from other players.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused.

  • We've told you about the issue, it's happening on multiple platforms/browsers.

    As well as clearing my own cache, closing browser, rebooting device and trying both tablet and laptop, I checked with others in our region on Big Ben before reporting it here as I had already established that it was affecting several people so wasn't just a browser/cache/device issue.

    The hardware acceleration popup is still there today. After many attempts yesterday I got past the new production series popup, the daily login bonus popup and got into the game.

    I spent time on this issue yesterday, time I didn't have to spare. Please respect this and look into the matter and stop fobbing us off with raise a ticket with support.