how to make profile name appear in all games?

  • Good afternoon

    I play main at Japanese server but I also play at German, Russia and America server.

    I just change my name for the english letters (before it was 呉ゆき in japanese) so all player of all server can see my name, but my name continues to only appear at Japanese server, it will not appear at other server,

    Anyone can kindly tell me how to do to have the name apear in all server>

    thank you very much

  • Hi, did you find an answer yet?

    Perhaps you are using special icons that aren't supported on other but Japanese servers?

  • good morning and sorry for my rudeness in delay response m(_ _)m

    after about two days of name appearing only at japanese server, suddenly it appeared in all others, but yes, with out star ^^;

    i do not know why 2 days, but i am very happy and thankful now appears in all servers i play!

    thank you very nuch for your kind message

    m(_ _)m