New Customer Support tool

  • Dear players,

    We will be switching the internal software for our Help Center. The initial phase started with the new software on German servers some time ago. Thanks to the players' feedback, we were able to test it live and can proceed with the roll out on live game rounds step-by-step.

    1st phase live roll-out

    The game rounds that started this week already start with the new Help Center.

    • Mo, 18.02.19 RU-103
    • Mo, 18.02.19 US-103
    • Tu, 21.02.19 DE-107
    • Tu, 21.02.19 COM-201
    • Tu, 21.02.19 CZ-201
    • Fr, 22.02.19 RU-4
    • Fr, 22.02.19 PL-201
    • Sa, 23.02.19 DE-4

    2nd phase live roll-out

    On Monday, Feb 25, at 15:15 GMT+1, we will continue with all other live rounds, if they aren't already finished by then.

    What does that mean for you?

    We need your help in cleaning up the ticket queue in the old system. To do so, please stop sending us tickets for at least 24 hours before the switch, so from Sunday 24/02/2019 at 15:15 GMT+1 on.

    Check your pending answers before Monday 25.02.2019 15:15 GMT+1. Do not reopen any ticket.

    If you haven’t received an answer by Monday 25 February 20 18:00 GMT+1, please write a new ticket and explain your request in it.

    All restarting game worlds will already be connected to the new system. That means there will be no transition phase and the only difference will be the layout of your ticket list.

    Why is this change necessary?

    There are 3 reasons for it:

    • We want to provide you the best customer experience we can offer, and we can’t guarantee that with the outdated software we are currently using
    • We improved the layout and changed some texts to make it easier to use the Help Center, especially for mobile players
    • We want to offer you a new knowledge base that we can easily keep up-to-date, and this is the first step to do so

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask us,

    Enjoy playing,

    Your Rail Nation Team

  • Dear community,

    As you know we are upgrading to a new support system which we announced in the previous post. Because of this change the following email addresses are no longer supported and will be deactivated on July 15th:

    We will continue to support you via our new system which will give us more details about your account and allows us to help you faster. When using the new portal a new window will open where you can write us a ticket. Your tickets and replies will only appear in the Help Center. You will get email and in-game notifications that you have received a reply from us.

    You can find the help center from your lobby, in-game and from here for example: Support : Rail Nation

    Kind regards,

    Your Rail Nation Team