'Simple view' of train station for browser version as in mobile version

  • When we want to collect bonuses of mates from association, we need to go through many of their train stations.

    In browser that takes each time few seconds to show next train station.

    It would be nice if we could change view of train station to simplified, as in mobile version, to refresh faster, so collecting bonuses of frinds would be faster.

    The simplified view would be an option to change.

    So we could check settings:

    - always show all buildings in current view

    - always show all building in own train station and simplified view without building, but just a list of building like in mobile version, when viewing others train station

    - always show simplified view, both in own and others train station

    Those could be just some thick off/on option from those three

  • Seems like you don't know the association widget. You don't need to go through the trains stations to collect the bonuses. Just click the plus at the left bottom next to the chat.

  • For the browser version, you should check the widgets.

    Those are extremely useful to collect all bonuses in 5-10 seconds, without having to go through each station.

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