• Yes, at first this game was created for battles between associations. But many players show by their actions that they like more when friendship win, not winner of wars. And you saw vivid example of this in world Masters last year. And very maybe similar will happen in world Festival soon.

  • With associations nearly fully-staffed at game start in the USA scenario, the winning association (of which I have been a member for several games on Grand Central) and the winning city are virtually predetermined at game start.

    The top associations and their chosen cities will still likely prevail but they will have to work harder to do so.

    By not allowing the top teams to pre-register their cities it makes it even harder for them to win because they will be spread out on the map and have to play against each other. As you say, on Grand Central and several other servers (Tower Bridge for one) you can pretty much guarantee who will win on day 1 of Era 1. By moving them to different parts of the map you can say that it is 'likely' to be one of several who will win. It also means that smaller associations stand a chance of working with a larger one, rather than being bullied by them as I see happen regularly.

    East v West is a waste of time as well because many associations are filled with both red and blue players.