Hourly Money Rate

  • Does anybody know how the game calculates the Profit/h your engines make? Because I have two engines as you can see that are going to the same stops but the Profit/h is different.

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  • do the both trains have the same age? You have serviced them just before making the screenshot. Had they with servicing the same reliabilty?

    are the both trains running also at the same time together, it is possible that one train just made a delivery and the other was on it's way during the calculation.

  • Yeah I did buy them all at the same time and just serviced them. But they degraded at the same rate so that shouldn't be an issue. And you're saying that one of my engines got cut out during a calculation and that's why it shows it making less Profit/h?

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    To get to 1000 Posts :)

  • if your train with the lower profit just delivered after the calculation it is possible that the hourly rate is lower. It might be possible that next calculation the same engine has a higher profit.

  • There can be many reasons why the hourly income changes, and it's all a normal part of the game.

    The game recalculates the hourly income at certain time intervals. If 2 same trains with same schedules and condition do the same route, those numbers will be the same in the end. Even if the hourly income numbers look different, the 2 trains will still bring in the same amount of money and the numbers will update. Differences can be explained by earlier transports and waiting times, before the engines got the same schedule.

  • It's useful info to those who like to have all the numbers, to know what the engine used to bring in. But the number doesn't update right away when you set a new better schedule.

    If I leave my engines all night to transport the same 1 good to a city, and fill all the wares - the hourly income could be something like 1k

    If I change the schedule to a new goods with empty city wares and check back an hour later, that 1k has turned into 10k. (rough example numbers)

    It's just information, do what you will with it ^^