Team - Rivals+

  • Team - Rivals+


    1) 1 Team

    2) +25% waiting time


    1) 1 Team + 3 Players

    2) +25% waiting time & minimum 5 minutes waiting time (In the final)

    What would you suggest?

  • As always, the problem :

    - you give tools to combat destructive players (troll) that can be used against anybody. 5min WT is just enormous. What if people start using it against non-trolls ?

    What if I decide with my team of active players to rival another team, and steal their majorities on their city ? They are dead, that's right.

    Before suggesting those punishing tools, you should all start thinking that people with bad intentions might use those as well.

  • Excuse me. One word was omitted.

    Changes are not that big.


    1) 1 Team + 3 Players

    2) +25% waiting time & minimum 5 minutes waiting time (In the final)

  • Still,

    I don't like the rivality option in the final either personnally.

    If you rival someone, even with 5 min WT, he will be able to do a lot of damage on specific goods (the hardest ones). And you gain nothing, except pissing him off.

    It never works, rivality is truly a lose-lose option in the EG.

    And again, you don't think that an association of rich people that were harassed the whole game might take hold of that single chips industry in a 20-tracks radius, and tell you "good luck with those 5min WT friends".

  • Rivalry only works whilst you hold the majority. In this situation you are forcing the free-hauler to break your majorities. The rival setting is almost always counterproductive.

    I know players want to be able to force everyone to do what they want (I've felt the same many times), but you shouldn't have that ability. Unless they have agreed to work with you (by joining your association, asking for your friendly or some other deal) then they owe you nothing. If you don't have enough active players to combat them then tough. You were going to lose anyway, at least now you have someone to blame.