Who is hauling to the Landmark/City

  • Currently it is easy to see who has hauled the most materials to the city and/or landmark but that list is of everybody who has hauled since the last level up for the landmark and daily rest for the city. That isn't a problem for the Landmark but it would be handy on a city to see who is hauling to the city now because most people on the list may have hauled one of the RGs because of a recent comp.

    Rather than trawling through the trains of everybody on the list it would be handy if there was another drop down option to show who has hauled within the last hour, or an alternate short time span.

  • That would be nice. You often see residual transport data from well before a leveling. I've seen a top-five transporter of an RG have the inactive icon next to their rankings. It's pretty misleading. You can check their trains and see that they have actually moved on to another good and their trains or practically at a crawl.