Different playstyles

  • Hello hi,

    After a few years of Rail Nationing(?), I've seen lots of different playstyles and I thought this would actually make a great topic!

    What are the different playstyles and why is it good to know the goals of other players? What would you add to the list or to the descriptions?

    These are just examples with random names I gave.

    Solo: 1 person in his/her own team. No one else gets in.

    Freehaulers: Solo players in a team, members situated all around the map. Small perks from team, and keeping complete freedom. It can be extremely fun to meet another freehauler from the same asso in a random city, and make the most of the situation before continuing.

    Just 4 fun team: More organized than Freehaulers, still room to make solo decisions but also accepting the help and perks friends can give you. Using the same cities, main focus being 'let's all have fun'. Each member makes a decision will they follow a plan or strategy or not, but usually they will since it will benefit each member.

    Management team: Leaders and followers. Each member has a job to do, and goals come from top. Members follow the rules, and those who don't will be removed. Everyone has the same chances of reaching the top as a group that holds everything and everyone together.

    Pro team: Trying different strategies together round after round. Use and share deep strategies and tools, co-working with other teams. Goal is to find all the secrets and strategy combinations it takes to be number 1 and the very best.

  • Crazy/Explorer: a player who likes to play in different strategies and teams. Teams with their own interesting rules and peculiarities. Goal - None. Just the world is colorful 8o

  • i believe management is best style of company. if exists no team effort, not much will be accomplished and player must follow the rule (donate to the headquarter, have quota of train station level each era, donate to worker, help collect bonus, invest to help factory majority etc etc ). if things not so well organized, it is hard share same goals! Player who does not wish team effort, best play alone, not be in a company, i think ^^;

  • You forgot 1 kind of team The HOGS those are the teams that want their town and all the surrounding towns so they are sure to get the mega city. It don't matter who they squish to get their job done. Those are the people who take the fun out of the game. With track cost it makes it hard to leave the area and start some where else, so you just quit that server.