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  • Translation, cause maybe Jimm does not understand English (remember, Germany was parted and people in the East part had to learn Russian, not English, at school).

    Jimm, Samisu, der englische CM schreibt dir:

    "Hi Jim, überprüfe bitte deinen Spam-Ordner in deinem Mail-Account. Falls du die Registrirerungs-Mail da nicht findest, wende dich an den deutschen Support

    Du kannst den Support auch von der Lobby-Seite aus kontaktieren, wo du immer landest, wenn du dich ausloggst. (Help Center)"

    Meine Anmerkung:

    Du bist im englischen Teil des Forums gelandet. Auch wenn du Deutsch schreibst, werden die Posts dem englischen Teil zugeordnet. Es scheint beim Registrieren also wirklich was schief gegangen zu sein. Mindestens die Sprache ist falsch eingestellt.

    Für das Forum kannst du die Sprache einstellen - oben, rechte Seite links neben der Glocke ist das "Kontrollzentrum", da unter "Allgemein" solltest du die Forensprache auf Deutsch stellen, dann bist du bei uns.

    Ansonsten, schreib wirklich den Support an, und weise sie auch auf diesen Post im Forum hin, dann können die ein paar Umstellungen für dich vornehmen.

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  • i have a similar problem / question

    i just had a stressful situation at a server and i do not want to play anymore at this server or at any server from this country.

    how can i delete my game from this server without going online there again?

    is there an option here at my career where i can remove myself from this server and obviously continue play at the other servers that are not stressful?

  • Hi Yuki!

    Sorry to hear you had a stressful situation in the game that made you leave the round.

    The way to remove an avatar is to go to the game world, tap 'Options' -> 'Transfer Gold' -> 'Transfer Gold and delete avatar'

    This route makes sure that all purchased or transferable gold is safe once the avatar is removed. After this, you don't need to sign in to that server anymore and the avatar will be removed in a few days.

  • thank you very much for your response ^^

    So I can do this from here, at my career, yes?

    No need to be online there.

    I am looking for options, but i see



    career engine



    no options

  • You do need to sign in to the game world where you avatar is, and from there delete it. It's a quick couple of clicks and that's it.

    Sorry for not being more clear in my earlier message.

  • I had the same issue that I didn't receive any mail from Rail Nation. In the end the answer was that Rail Nation doesn't send emails to local provider email accounts.

    I had to create a gmail adress to receive emails from RN.

    I needed two years to find this out with support and missed a lot of bonusses send by email.

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