Automatic translation option on forums

  • It would be useful to be able to click 'translate' button on forum.

    Then the game would use for example google translate engine to detect languange and translate the message to the default languagle of the player.

    If we play on some national server, I do sometimes, on Dutch, French or Russian, but I don't know those languages, it would be much useful to be able to click it and see the message translated, like there is such option on facebook.

    It would be faster and easier than to coppy message, open another browser page, go into translator and paste it in.

    I dont know how hard it is to implement or if it would use much of server's capacity, but maybe its not that complicated to do. Idea is good I think :)

  • I believe it was mentioned somewhere, and Samisu raised the issue that any translation provided by RN would be supposed "true" by users.

    While we all know that any translation is subject to interpretation >> legal issues mean that will never happen. But aside from those legal issues, I believe it would cause more harm than good.

    (I've got the issue on the festival server. Someone believed I was being rude to them, because they used a translator to understand what I just said. And when typing in french (from google translate), their messages were also rude. Even though neither of us intended it to be).

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  • If people misunderstand automatic translation for exact professional translation, then its problem of their lack of knowledge how it works. It could be option to use for those who want, just after clicking on something. I would use it just to understand partially what somebody else have said. I still use it sometimes to understand messages and putting it into RN would just make it easier for me :)

  • Translators are so bad in translating that most of the messages you try to understand are even worse to understand or what is mentioned above rude things come up which are not intended to be.

    Most of us don't use their native language in the game and we all make mistakes in e.g. English. The translate programm makes another mistake with translating it to your native language on top of that and something totally different as meant will be shown.

    I believe it will cause more harm than good


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