Smaller differences between number of players in a city/region. Making limits lower

  • Game is more fun, when cities, like on classic map, or regions, like on Europe map, are closer to each other with power/strenght.

    The easiest to make those distances smaller, is to put limits of players lower.

    I don't know what are they now, but I guess it would be better, when they are lower. I mean that You cannot join so easily most grown cities/region, grown in number of players.

    Firstly other cities and regions would have to fill up more in players, before more of them can join top cities and regions. And counting it in active players (logged in and transported something during last 3 days).

    Its not much fun, when You have so big difference, that You just dont have any chances to win as region or win the End Game. Many players just quit then the rivalization.

    Making it more equal, more equal chances is better and more fair. Like in sport, teams are with same number of players.

    Lets put more of equality in RN competition! To make it more emotional, more fun! :) And longer fun.

  • Often, if I join server in late phase or just play it all along, its kind of obvious who have to chance to fight for #1 position, who will be around #2 and #3, and who does not stand chances at all. Even if there were like 50 cities on the beginning. Often it's kind of 'done' long before era 6, era 5 or even era 4. And not that much of fun anymore, cause of it.

    Putting more of equality, between cities/region, will make it better. Not like 2 cities hauling and fighting to win and all the rest of 48 cities, just to get a bit of prestige or to kill the life boredom, no bigger emotions involved.

    It's kind of this way if in soccer/football You let one team have 16 player, while others have 9. Not much of fun for both as the result is known...