Should all players see the same competition?

  • I have just jumped on an account I am sitting for on Steam Boiler and noticed that a comp was for one of the city's RGs, which is handy but different from the comp material I am seeing on my own account. My account is showing flour the other player's is showing paper.

    Is that a glitch or normal?

  • That was a change that was introduced quite a while back, maybe a couple of updates after comps were first introduced (if my memory is right).

    The comps vary according to an individual's prestige.

    Feedback to that update was positive at the time, it's fairer to all (especially the smaller players) that we're in different comp groups. :)

  • There are several competitive classes, depending on the prestige:

    class 1 - up from 0 prestige

    class 2 - up from 2.500 prestige

    class 3 - up from 10.000 prestige

    class 4 - up from 25.000 prestige

    class 5 - up from 50.000 prestige

    class 6 - up from 100.000 prestige

    every class has different goods, different tonns, an different prizes....