List of finished goods in Landmark, according to which was finished first and which was finished last

  • Now, the finished goods, shown as green, are not shown according to time of being finished. I dont know what causes the Sand to be first and Coal second actually. But it would be much more useful if first finished, would be shown first and last finished would be shown last. So as on the picture it would mean that Sand was finished first and Leather was last.


    Cause when I haul to Landmark and I log in after some time, I could easier check if one of goods I haul, got finished during my absence. Now it takes more time to check it.

    If it would be done as I propose, I would need just check if I did haul, last finished goods.

    Thing is more complicated if there is more goods to haul and if You did haul all of them, not just part of them as I did, on the photo.


  • Thanks for the idea!

    I think I saw something similar in another thread, except there the endgame goods were arranged in a visually more clear way. I wonder where that thread was...

    And as Sniffa points out, the colors red and green should not be the only source of information. No way to tell from sausages is the goods finished or not (to some).

  • The circles are red for unfinished goods and green for finished goods. Can't say anything about the numbers if those follow the same color theme.

    The circle around sausages ends behind the shield icon with number 9 on it. This does not tell if the sausage is finished or not unless you see the color.

  • I presume from what you are saying that something is red and/or green. Is it the outer edge of the circle or the number?

    the outer edge of the circle. ;)

    The number is only about your position in deliveries. This outer circle gives info about a finished or unfinished good.

    I believe some colours would be better for color-blindness, wouldn't it be possible (blue and red or smth like that is used in LoL for example, instead of green and red).

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  • I suggest - a dividing line!

    Everyone above this line has not yet been completed.

    Everyone under this line is finished. And arranged in order of completion.

    It will also be easy to understand for people with color blindness.