Career Engine reset for CASH

  • The career engine is a great and useful tool, however we start developing it before many of us truly understand the full game mechanics or how we play it. Many of these early mistakes are easy to overcome because they cost relatively few points, and are minor in the grand scheme of what your engine will be 10-15 career levels later.

    HOWEVER - While I agree mostly with RN's decision to make the career engine upgrades permanent, I would like to see the option for a onetime only purchasable reset. It would work as such:

    1) Only be available to players Career level 20 or higher

    2) Cost a relatively significant, but not extraordinary amount - 10 Euro maybe? This would make it a thoughtful choice, and not a given that everyone will do this at lvl 20.

    3) All Career Engine on all active game worlds must be parked for 1 at least hour to make the option available.

    4) Upon purchase CE and career points are returned to the pool to be distributed again.

    4) One Time purchase! once you use it, that's it. If you misclick your re-placement of points too bad. No corrections or "re-dos" from support.

  • Hi hi, you are right - Career engine can be reset by contacting support but this can happen only once per game account.

    I haven't had the need for reset, all the upgrades will cost more points per each level so I figured I'd be pretty much in the same position after the reset :D

  • Well I do appreciate the help, I got my reset done, and did some re-work. It is not far from where it was, but understanding train stats better now than i used to, the few changes I did make have made a significant improvement on my CE's productivity!

    Thanks for the info guys!