Which Switch?

  • Game world = COM02 Firebox.

    I am assuming you can only open the door once.

    Flick switch 1 on and wait for one minute.

    Flick switch 1 off again.

    Flick switch 2 on and immediately open the door.

    > If the light is on,

    = it is switch 2.

    > If the light is off, put your hand on the bulb,

    > if it is warm then

    = it is switch 1

    > if it is cool then

    = it is switch 3 OR you are on a british train and nothing works.

  • Turn on switch 1 and then wait for an hour. Shut off switch 1, then immediately turn on switch 3 and open the door. Touch the light. If the light is off and hot, switch one controls it. If it's off and cold, switch 2 controls it. If it is on, switch 3 controls it.

    I'm on both COM01 Steam Boiler and COM02 Firebox. If I have to choose one, my preference is for Firebox.

  • Step 1: Turn on switch 1 and wait 10 minutes.

    Step 2: Turn off switch 1 and turn on switch 2.

    Step 3: Open the door. If the light is turned on switch 2 was te correct switch, otherwise take step 4.

    Step 4: Touch the bulb! If the bulb is cold, switch 3 is the correct one, otherwise (bulb is hot) switch 1 is the correct one.

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  • You flip the first switch and wait few o minutes, then u turn off the first switch. Next you flip the second switch and open the door. If the lite is on, it means that the second switch is the right one, if the light is out you touch the bulb - when its hot, that means that the first switch is the right one ( the reason fot flipping the first switch, waiting and turning it on was to make the bulb hot), if the bulb is cold - that leaves the thirt switch to be the correct one.

    Sorry if I messed up the english or didnt explain the solution properly, but it should be good enough.

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  • Turn on the first switch and wait 10 minutes.

    Turn off the first switch and turn on the second switch.

    Open the door to check the lamp:

    if it is lit it is the second switch;

    - if it is off and warm (touch the lamp) is the first switch;

    -If it is off and cold it is the third switch.

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  • M1.1 Nordic Rail (FI/NO/SE/DK)

    The solution is based on the fact that the switched on light bulb will heats up.

    I will flip on the switch 1 for a few minutes, then flip it off and flip the switch 2. Then i will open the door. If the light is on, then the switch 2 is controls the light. If the light is off, i will touch the light bulb, if it hot then the switch 1 is controls the light, if cold - switch 3.

  • COM 201 BIG BEN

    Since there are three (3) switches outside the toilet, which I assume are for three different lights, and one of the switches controls the light bulb inside the toilet and it is in the off position for a start, then:

    1. The particular switch of the three (3) will be in a different position from the rest, so that if it is depressed, there would be no other light put on or put off on the outside of the toilet, and then I can be sure without a doubt that, that switch controls the toilet bulb.


    2. If all the switches are in the same position, then I'll just depress each of the switches and notice the one which does not put off or put on any lights outside the toilet, and I can be certain that, that is the one for the bulb inside the toilet.

  • turn one when wait 5 mins. When turn off that awitch and turn in another. the hottest not powered light bulb will be switch 1, turned on light bulb will be swith 2 and cold light bulb will be switch 3

    P.S Sorry for mistakes

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  • turn on switch nr:1-wait aminute-turn it of

    turn on switch nr:2- open the door and check:

    bulb warm not on --switch 1

    Bulb light on - switch 2

    Bulb cold not on -switch 3


    us01 crankshaft

  • Switch on the 1st switch and wait 2 secs and turn it off then.

    Turn on 2nd switch and leave it on. Walk into bath room now. If light is then it is the 2nd switch. If the light is off. Touch the light bulb. If bulb is warm to the touch then it's the 1 switch. If the light bulb is ice cold then it is the 3rd switch.

  • My solution is next:

    - Turn switch 1 on. Wait one minute. Turn switch 1 off.

    - Turn switch 2 on.

    - Open the door.

    if light is on then switch 2 controls the light bulb.

    if light is off then touch light bulb.

    If light bulb is warm then switch 1 controls it else switch 3 controls light bulb.

    My game world is COM01 Steam Boiler.

    Thanks for an interesting puzzle.

  • Server: COM01 Steam Boiler

    1. Switch on Switch-1 for a few minutes (enough time for the bulb to get hot if the switch is right)

    2. Switch off Switch-1

    3. Switch on Switch-2

    4. Open the door and observe:

    - If the bulb is on then Switch-2 is the right one

    - If the bulb is off but hot, then Switch-1 is the right one

    - If the bulb is off and cold, then Switch-3 is the right one