Copy Schedule is better with a more compact view

  • Still getting used to the new update, but the first thing that jumps out at me is the <Copy Schedule> display which is so spaced out and clunky you can only see 5 trains at a time :(

    Before the update the list of trains was very spaced out and difficult to see a long list of single trains in the later eras. The list of trains now seems slightly more compact which is a good thing (without shrinking font sizes!).

    However... before the update the <Copy Schedule> display was nice and compact and showed enough information in a clear format to allow you to quickly go through the trains if you only wanted to select some for a particular route. It was great and worked well.

    After the update you can only see 5 trains at a time in <Copy Schedule>, it's miserable going down the list of trains. This to me is a step backwards and I can't see why this was changed.

    Please could someone enlighten me why this was changed, or better still, change it back to the previous useable compact display.

  • Good morning!

    I agree with you.

    Especially for tournaments, you change one shcedule and want to quickly copy this same schedule for some trains, or the majority of trains (but not all, for many reasons) the past version of the game was much easier and faster to do, to quickly go through the train list and click on the trains we want to copy a schedule.

    Also being able to do this in very fast way is very important also when the city grows, a new good is introduce and there is enough time in the factory before the time changes again.

    You just wish to go fast and be able change schedules very fast.

    I wonder if the person who made some of the changes of this new version of the game has spent so much time playing the game same as us players!

    Another not good change, besides the horrible new association window, is the WORKERS window!!

    It comes with the value of 10,000 to give to the worker, but I wish to delete and type for example 7,777,777 and be ready to click on it 4 seconds before the worker auction finishes, 99% of the time it is broken and the bid button becomes broken and unavailable. I must click on that VERY new small button on the top right to open the bigger worker window, try again to type the money i wish to give, and sometimes the bid button is still broken. I must repeat the process sometimes several times until the button is again working and i can quickly click.

    I apologize to enter other critics to the new version in your post, above player!

    Game software engineers must understand that we love this game so we wish to play it always, and they should think so well before changing it for the worse (~_~;)

  • if you want to use it for competitons, you can make the schedule before the competion starts and save it. Load the pre saved schedule at the start of the competition and it's done with two or three clicks.

    And for the people amongst us who have difficulties with changes, I have recommendation to read. That is a nice little book with the title "Who moved my cheese"

  • You're kidding right?

    That's not workable, some of us would spend all our time setting up schedules then :D

    I do find it odd that the recent changes to the research tree push us towards using single slot trains, but the facilities to manage those trains aren't fully thought through.

    This copy train (adopt schedule) feature is a case in point. It worked perfectly well before, was a nice compact view with sufficient info in the display for each train without taking up too much space in the list. It was quick and easy to go through the long list of trains and click on those you wanted to send to a comp. Maybe the other trains went to another comp or some other route.

    Now the list is so long and spaces out with unnecessary padding in the interests of "style" it takes a lot longer to select trains like this.

    I don't know why some of these changes are made, two phrases spring to mind for me though:

    This is a case of "style over substance"


    "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"

  • The app has never worked for me, so can't answer that one. Yes I have sent tickets to support about the app not working, didn't get anywhere.

    This is the current list of trains, it's the closest I can get to show what the old copy train list was like, but if anything the old copy train list was even more compact. I think I could see around 10 trains at a time then without having to scroll down using that too teeny scrollbar. It was great when you wanted to send some trains to one comp and some to another one.

    You could go through the list of trains and select those you wanted to send one way quickly.

    This is what the new list looks like, it's clunky, unwieldy and time-consuming to use. I have no idea why it was changed or what value is added here, I can't see any reason for this change at all. As I recall, the info about train condition, income and time was there in the old list too, just in a more compact format. The whole point about copy trains is that you know where the trains are going and want to get them moving quickly!

    Takes forever to go through a list of 19-25 trains now... :(

  • Toots the app also does not work for me!

    VERY frustrating, also have talked to customer support about it, never got a response.

    I have an iPhone 6 plus, latest iOs .. so it is not because it is some kind of old phone with outdated system.

    and I completely agree with what you said above about train list.

  • Thanks for the images!

    (and sorry to hear of the mobile issues)

    So, a best case scenario would be... Option to pick between expanded engine list and compact list? Is there anything else you would change in the engine list, add something or remove something?

  • I would like to see two screens with engines. One with cargo engines and one with pax engines. That would be very nice during (city)competitions and endgames. Than you can select only one kind of engines to reschedule or park etc.

  • I would like to see two screens with engines. One with cargo engines and one with pax engines. That would be very nice during (city)competitions and endgames. Than you can select only one kind of engines to reschedule or park etc.

    This should already be possible, by double clicking/tapping an engine type - all of the same type will be selected.

  • And honestly I don't like the double click option. It would make more sense when it's realy seperated.

    Especially during endgames when you have to react fast. Now half of the time when you select all trains to park your pax engines park too, because all the trains are mixed up. You have to deselect them one by one. That consumes too much time and with a bit of bad luck caused by the lagging you select too much or too many. Also with the double click and lagging won't it be a good solution

    I tried it again after asking fellow players. The option works but only for the same trains. e.g. if you have swallows and falcons, you only can select all swallows or all falcons.

    I would like to see that you can select all cargo or all pax trains (including the bonus engines) seperately e.g. to park those in the city during the endgame or before a competition you do time.

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  • We've now got 2 new issues in this thread:

    Double Tap

    I can answer this one. I noticed that double tap to select all trains of a similar type wasn't working and sent a ticket to support about it. The response was that it was an intentional change in the last update as some people were having issues with "fat fingers" and accidentally double tapping on the train list without intending to.

    Double Tap now works if you double tap on the check boxes.

    Option to quickly apply changes to either only the Cargo or Passenger trains

    This would be very helpful, I've been thinking about this conundrum for a while now.

    Rather than having two different train lists, how about a simple checkbox with something like "Cargo trains only" or "Passenger trains only"? It could be in the menubar in the trains list for most of the menu options there (Service, Museum, Park, Mechanic, Boost).

    Here's a sample I just put together, so you can see what it might look like and how it might work as a solution:

  • THANK YOU !!

    I was becoming crazy with that double tap not working.

    And I still would love an option for cargo / pax as you described amazingly well. All the work is done graphically, it's perfect. The devs just have to code it and we will be happy ! :)