Error (?) when trying to check for ticket status at HELP CENTER

  • Good morning,

    For about one day I wish to check on status of two tickets about reports I sent to support, but when I click on the HELP CENTER located in the left part of this screen, it shows me where I must click to check on status of the tickets. I click and it tells me I must be logged in to check the status of the tickets. I know I am logged in, but when I click on the green button of `log in` , it does nothing. After clicking on log in, I click again on `check ticket status` and again it tell me that to check I must first log in.

    Anyone else experience this?

    Is this a bug, error?

  • I experienced the same issue recently...fortunately i did not need to respond or add additional details so I was able to read the email copies of my ticket updates an move on.

    but yes this is a very annoying bug of the new ticketing system