Active players issue

  • This may only be because it is a new server but on Tower Bridge there are 7 players hauling to Vilnius, yet there are supposedly only 2 active players actually connected to the city. How does that work?

  • They said something about players only counting when they reach a certain amount of prestige. Maybe that's why (people below 100 or 200 prestige maybe don't count?)

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    If an active team wants to try new strategies on an E v W scenario (winning EvW agressively), I might be down for it > pm me :)

  • PFFT ... I have 20 prestige in 5 minutes of logging in, then could abandon the server.... that threshold should be increased AND coupled with a 'lastseenonline' check that can also be triggered by sitters.


    Players with prestige less than (20 * $NumofDaysServerONLINE) OR players with ($LastSeenOnline greater than 14 days AND $LastTimeSat greater that 7 days)

    So if someone had say 180 prestos on Era3 Day1 they would not be counted as active because 180 <580 ( 20*29days = 580)

    Or if its Era 5 day 14 and someone hasn't logged in all era, or been sat for 7 days, they are not counted as active.

    The time online part I feel is very important so that you are not losing tonnes to consumption for players who have trains sitting as 1% repair with no intent of returning.