No Notification for Unread System Messages

  • I get notifications for unread Forum Posts and Private Messages, but not for System Messages. I have to keep clicking the thread to see if there are any unread messages like facility levels, collected station bonuses, etc.

    Have tried all the usual fixes.

    COM1 Classic

    Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit


  • good morning!

    i have similar problem too, and sometimes when the game is broken and i start again, i have often appearing that i have not seen one message. i click on messages to see what it is, but nothing is there.

    or in addition, a city i am connected became bigger, or a factory i gave money... i will not receive the message and it will only come when the game is broken and i have to start again.

    but it is interesting i also have the game on Google Chrome and my laptop is also Windows 7!

    My husband plays on his laptop with Windows 10 and this does not happen to him.

    Maybe something related to our old Operating System? ^^;