Sitter mode is increasingly resource hungry

  • Anyone else having more and more trouble getting into sitter mode these days?

    Every update makes it more and more difficult to get in as sitter. Clearing cache, refreshing browser, trying a different computer are just work arounds...

    The reality is that I can only get into sitter mode from the desktop computer now (tablet and laptop have long stopped being able to manage it).

    Yesterday one of my team mates had to try over and over for a couple of hours to get in at all, which is what's prompted me to highlight this issue on the forum where others can join in. (He's sent a ticket to support himself).

  • Yeah I've been noticing last couple of months sitting has become hell,

    and now even getting in my regular account is getting hard, often the user interface wont load and I'm refreshing and refreshing,

    and when things finally work i can do like 5 things and then something like changing a schedule wont work, refreshing refreshing refreshing... ok now that worked etc.

    The phone app wont let me buy any wagons no matter how many times I close the app or remove the cache or whatever, I'm lucky if I can spend the RP before it freezes completely.

    The webpage itself often forces me to first log in, pick a world, now it has forgotten my login so i have to log in again, I click on the world again, it opens a page, but the clicking thing for flash wont work so I have to reload that page, now it has forgotten iw as logged in again so back to mainpage and logging in again, the then opening the world i want to play again, and oh finally it loads in.

    All in all I'm spending more time refreshing and loading, re-deleting caches on phone and desktop etc, and that's why the upcoming lochness EG will be my last before I quit for now.

    and before I get any comments about potentially having a bad phone or computer, nope, my phone is brand new and works great with everything else,

    my computer does well with the latest games and highest quality videos etc.

    Now excuse me, I've got a train line to run!

  • Sorry to hear of these issues with sitter feature.

    Based on the "likes", there are more than 2 players who have hard time getting in as a sitter.

    Please send ticket to game support and let them know when the issues started and how it affects your gameplay. It helps to find commonalities between different accounts.

  • After the last update I had issues with sitting on the last round of US101 (EG finished 4/5/19)

    On the PC, I'd click on the confirmation that I'd like to start sitting and then I would literally sit there waiting. After a while I'd realize that I wasn't getting anywhere (4am make everything hard). I'd reload and try again. 2-6 reloads and 20 minutes later I'd finally load into the game of the person I'm attempting to sit for, yay! But problems, I can't click on anything. The menu's didn't load. Darn.. As this happened many times, I noticed after a while that some of the links were there as my cursor would change and tool tips would appear even though no font, or button was visible. My only option would be to reload and start the insanity again though as the buildings and trains could not be selected, RP couldn't be spent.

    I didn't have the same issues sitting when logged into the app, but with no notification that I can sit I rarely remembered to try.

    It would be nice if the app offered a polite reminder that sitting is possible.

    It would also be nice if the 30 sitting limit were removed. Rather than limiting sitter features, why not just make an account inactive if it hasn't been logged into in 30 days?