Server Shutdown Question

  • How long does it take for a server to be shut down after a city wins the endgame? The reason I ask this is because I see my Plus Account time ticking down and i'm worried that I will lose that time when the server starts up again...

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  • I dont't know the reasoning for the exact time. It doesn't stops immediately for a obvious reason. To give the winning team the opportunity to celebrate. Also to give the players some time for the last preparations for the next round. I use it to make some screenshots as souvenier.

  • To give the winning team the opportunity to celebrate

    It's standard here on Broadway Express where as soon as the endgame ends you quit as there is nothing to do. But I don't know, i never won an end game yet lol. Thanks. Maybe Samisu can explain it.

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    To get to 1000 Posts :)

  • I was playing US102 Broadway, which has just finished. I see an upcoming server start DE107 Broadway - is that the same Broadway, and if not, isn't it confusing having 2 Broadways?

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    DE107 means it is a German server. If you want to make sure everyone speaks English, pick US or COM server. Server plays the same, but players are different. US102 means the server is an English one and can only be played in English.

    P.S. COM-3, M1.201 and US-103 starting on 8th - 12th of April

    US Broadway will start on 12th of April

  • 日本語がpcではでてこないです。何とかなりませんか?

    She is a player of our association at JP01 ^^;

    This is in the wrong place, sorry.

    After the update, the Japanese language is broken atJP01 (japanese server).

    no player names.

    no city names.

    not even server name on top of main page.

    Everything broken



  • Can you take a screenshot how it looks like? And is this with the app version or with browser version?

    I just joined there with the English user interface and it looks like this:

    Then I switched to JP:

    If it is the browser version, then perhaps clearing cache and cookies would help or testing a different browser. If it is the app version, perhaps a restart (or force stop from settings and then restart) helps.

    ELBT - I'm sorry to hear of these issues. If you have more details to share or screenshots of the issue, those would be helpful. You can also contact game support :saint:

    Game language can be changed from 'settings'

  • I just checked and it looks alright for me. Maybe tell them to clear their cache and if that doesn't fix it, pls notify me again. :)

  • Oh. Ok. Thanks. One more question on this topic: Why does it run for an additional two days?

    It's a puffertime for us, so the system in the background has enough time to transfer all data to the lobby and the metaserver so that we can make sure that no data is lost and all players get their Achievements for example :)



  • Samisu no no no no no please do not make me talk to the JP01 CM ..... for reasons I prefer not to say in public.

    you will do just fine.

    Mollymauk too!!

    because i take photographs with my phone, by not letting me send you an email, you make me send the photographs from my phone to my computer, then i have to save them one by one in my computer, then upload one by one at this photo sharing service, then post here ....