Server Shutdown Question

  • Good evening, gentlemen! I want to ask why moderators throw non-existent players in sparsely populated cities?? Such from 30 to 50%. Play but have no trains, tracks and profits. Who benefits it? You say - mistakenly entered the game and did not play? But it happened in one day and in three cities at once, and just do not enter the game, you have to make a lot of moves to become a player. Understand, please, that's enough!

  • Mollymauk good evening (^_^)/

    i just saw this after we chatted in real time at the server.... and yes, we still have issues!

    but i am more relieved to know that you guys are working on it!!

    thank you!!

    Also my cellphone application continues to not work.

    before it wouldnt let me press login.

    now the login window wont appear, it just freezes on the photograph of the red train and it doesnt do anything.... will i ever be able to play rail nation when i am not home?? ^^;

  • Yeah, I figured. :)

    You already answered all my questions in the chat, don't worry.

    Concerning your problems with the mobile application -- unless you got any error messages it'll be difficult to figure out what's wrong. I'm still thinking about what it could be, though, so if I ever come up with something I'll definitly hit you up.

    In the video you send us, could you translate what each of the windows that popped up said? Maybe that would help us in the progress. (But please let's move to the actual thread for further discussions regarding this.)

    Kind Regards,